Sustainable Travel: Take These 5 Items With You To Have A Safe And Healthy Summer Vacation

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Sustainable Travel: Take These 5 Items With You To Have A Safe And Healthy Summer Vacation

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If you’re traveling within your own country, you have access to items you may not have if traveling abroad. Traveling green should be economical and supportive of sustainable travel. There are many ways you can minimize your carbon footprint while traveling, and the first is to bring items which save energy, money, and the planet!

Here are some eco-effective products for your next vacation:


After you’re happily released from airport security, you can purchase healthy water and put it into your own Bamboo Travel Tumbler. This way you can be a part of sustainable travel and have water at your disposal in a safe and eco-friendly container. You can buy this product online, as several eco-conscious companies now have them available.


Pack healthy snacks! Especially if you’re going to a country where you might not want to eat the food. If they’ll allow you to carry them on the plane. Sustainable travel food bars can be nutritious, economical and in a pinch, save your blood sugar from taking a nose-dive into oblivion! Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are always beneficial, especially if they’re organic. You can always buy healthy food at many airports now, as they’ve begun to invest in the health of our bodies.


Bring clothing for warmth or coolness, as you may need both. Clothing that folds well and doesn’t wrinkle is always wise because you won’t have access to irons. Hemp or cotton are wonderful products, don’t wrinkle much, and are sustainable travel items. A compact, foldable raincoat in a material like a pseudo-plastic (man-made material) but not a drain on the environment, is an excellent choice. In Boulder, Colorado, I was drinking water out of a “plastic” cup that was made from rice.


You can always use recyclable luggage made of heavy cloth material or other non-toxic man-made materials. Like hemp. Patagoina MLC Wheelie is a good place to start, and you can buy it online. Also, cotton backpacks are better for the environment and your back. Easy to carry.


Bring a converter if traveling in Europe, as the charge may require it. There are solar eco-chargers on the market that are energy-efficient and easy to carry. Many companies have a variety of these items, so take a look online and see what appeals to you. Same with hair blowers, which need a converter, also. There are numerous compact dryers around, so think wisely and efficiently.


Naturally you want to buy eco-friendly tiny toothpaste, face creams and soaps, shampoo and conditioner. This is obvious to most, but some of us actually forget to buy these things before taking a sustainable vacation, and remember, that less is always more, especially when traveling. Anything that you can purchase smaller is always best for traveling, as the more room you save, the more you’ll be able to bring gifts and sustainable items home to family and friends!

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