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Sustainable Travel: Vacation Trends That Are Saving the Planet

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Rather than leach off surrounding resources, latch on to the many vacation trends that are saving the planet. Pack your bags, your next trip is going to be a sustainable travel adventure you’ll never forget. It will be full of ways to enjoy a well-deserved break while at the same time giving back to humanity and Mother Earth.

Flashmobs for Good

While on vacation, did you ever want to leave the resort and really get to know the local community? Roadmonkey is an ‘off the beaten path’ adventure company that incorporates a break from your everyday life with volunteer humanity work mixed in.

They describe their vacation volunteering groups as “flashmobs for good” that build sustainable improvement to the health, education, environment or economy of a local community in need.

Guests go on non-pampered hikes where all must pitch in to create “small-group expeditions that avoid the clichés of tourism and instead reward you with connections to people and places others can’t see.” Sustainable travel at its most effective!

It’s called adventure philanthropy: “Inspiring the kickass explorer in you to make the world a little bit better.”

Support the Reef

Underwater hotels may be the new Eco-travel destination.

More than half the coral reefs throughout the planet are in great jeopardy. Planet Ocean is creating underwater hotels that do not touch the ocean floor but are able to grow coral reef frameworks all around them. The developers of these unique structures donate ten percent of their proceeds to coral reef restoration. This means when you stay at an underwater hotel you are supporting ocean health.

Planet Ocean’s goal is to help fund and implement worldwide proven coral reef restoration and aquaculture solutions/technologies to help save oceans from on-going daily destruction, while supporting the concept of sustainable travel in the process.

Corporate Consciousness

Now playing at a mainstream hotel near you, Eco-friendly consciousness is becoming all the rage. You finally have a choice to hop on the sustainable travel trend wagon in the hopes that green corporate consciousness will continue beyond what’s trending.

CBS news describes some steps popular hotel chains are making to show their support for the planet:

  •   Ritz-Carlton – Turning stained and worn linens into aprons and napkins.
  •   Sheraton Hotels – Removed 2,000 telephones from guest rooms and donated them to a local housing organization that made these phones available to low-income tenants.
  •   Florida hotels – Many of the state’s hotels save up to 50 percent in waste disposal costs by starting a program that sold recyclable materials.
  •   Le Chateau Montebello – This Quebec hotel constructed a composting site that was used to fertilize and mulch the hotel’s herb garden.

Hopefully more hotel chains will follow suit.

Offset Your Footprint

Traveling by car or plane can zoom you over miles of earth but leaves a negative path of fossil fuel fodder. Now there are opportunities to inexpensively offset this carbon footprint by donating to

This company will help you calculate the carbon footprint of your trip and then use your donation to fund validated carbon offset projects such as wind farms, solar arrays and landfill gas-to-electricity plants. This offset donation can actually make your travel carbon neutral.

A flight from Florida to Oregon produces about 2.67 tons of greenhouse gas that can be offset for just $42. Bam!

A Green Science Vacation

Another green travel trend is visiting exotic, far away locations and working side by side with scientists to help protect threatened ecosystems and promote the health of the planet. This is the mission of The Earthwatch Institute which has been creating green citizen science excursions for 45 years but has just arrived on the green travel trending stage.

Earthwatch projects for 2015 included “collecting data that was used by Parks Canada to apply fire treatments, conserve wolves, and restore a threatened native grassland and an aspen community”.

Book your sustainable travel adventure and save the planet while on vacation.

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