Sustainable Hotels: Amazing Hotels That Consider Health The #1 Priority

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Sustainable Hotels: Amazing Hotels That Consider Health The #1 Priority

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What is a “sustainable hotel?” A sustainable hotel is a hotel that consciously uses and reuses resources such as water, energy, recycling, re-using, re-purposing all of the products and services that provide the maintenance and comfort of your vacation experience.

For example, a sustainable hotel may use cotton cloth napkins, which is sustainable material, eco-friendly soaps, shampoo, laundry detergent and dish liquid, Fair Trade, Organic coffee and teas, and food which is locally sourced.

Stay in a Sustainable Hotel

A sustainable hotel will have a water recycling system that preserves and recycles water, and tankless water heaters which save electricity and energy. It will use LED lighting and other sources of natural lighting, and may even be solar powered. A sustainable hotel may have gardens full of fresh herbs and vegetables for customer consumption. Pure cotton or even bamboo sheets which are planet-friendly and resourceful.

Some hotels have travel vehicle rentals or buses which transport customers to various locations. They can employ energy saving vehicles which use less or no fuel to reduce our carbon footprint.
Sustainable hotels may have under floor heating and a safety alarm system built into the structure of the building.

If it’s a new hotel or a hotel which claims to be sustainable, all of the materials in the construction and design of the building should come from environmentally-conscious sources, including furniture and other products, from silverware to paper towels, to drapes and bedding to materials used to clean, and to air freshening and purifying resources.

A sustainable hotel is no different from creating a sustainable home. Everything you breathe, use and re-use, recycle, re-purpose and DIY should be eco-friendly and sustainable.

Naturally, it’s nearly impossible to be 100% sustainable, as complete perfection and purity are in short supply. But it’s possible to find a vacation retreat that satisfies your green consciousness and the safety of your children.

As we move towards a more global economy daily, the universal appetite is elevated and we all want to live a healthier lifestyle.

The bottom line in building a sustainable hotel is green consciousness and eco-awareness, in order to make appropriate choices which serve, rather than detract from, the environment.

If you’re looking for a sustainable hotel, here’s a list in the United States, and if your destination is not listed, google is free and easy:

Some Options to Choose From

The Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas
Ink48hotel – New York City
The Westin Bonaventure – Los Angeles
Hotel Felix – Chicago
Savoy Suites – Washington, D.C.
The Woodlands Waterway Marriot Hotel and Convention Center – Houston, Texas
Berkshire Shirakaba – New Ashford, MA
Marriot, Bethsheba, – MD
Double Tree Lloyd Center – Portland, OR
Habitat Suites – Austin, Texas

These are to name only a few. There are many different sustainable hotels around the world, and if you’re dedicated to preserving our resources and to planetary empowerment, take the time to google sustainable hotels around the world.

Businesses and communities are jumping onto the eco-friendly train because our survival depends on it. It’s rewarding and fun to do the research to ensure that your hotel experience is in alignment with your core values and beliefs.

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