Green Lifestyle: Sustainable Choices for Patio and Outdoor Decor

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Green Lifestyle: Sustainable Choices for Patio and Outdoor Decor

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Whether you have a small balcony or a big backyard for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, you can find beautiful green lifestyle home solutions that have a minimal environmental impact. In regards to sustainable outdoor décor, think of your outdoor patio and yard as an extension of your green lifestyle home. Just as you made responsible choices to use green building materials inside your home, think responsibly outside as well. To help you go green outside, check out these solutions for creating a sustainable patio and outdoor area.


If you’re constructing a patio in the backyard or want to create some sense of privacy, use recycled materials like wood beams and stones that have already lived one life and are now ready to live another. Recycled materials are a great sustainable resource that you can use to build your own green lifestyle backyard space using green home solutions. Patios made of reclaimed wood can have a unique appearance that matches that of your indoor flooring and countertops. Recycled rocks and uneven stones can make elegant borders for gardens and even small walls to offset your seating area from the rest of the outdoors.


You’ve probably seen a couch sitting out on a porch or a mattress next to a curb. Borrow from the idea of bringing your indoor furniture outside to recycle your old couch into a seating area for the patio—just switch out the fabric for something , more outdoor-friendly. You can do the same thing with tables, chairs, etc that were once assigned to indoor living. Bring it outside and give it a new life. A little creativity with green lifestyle home solutions goes a long way when it comes to finding items that you can repurpose for outdoor décor.

Use Green Materials

Whether you’re buying new furniture or repurposing and recycling something used,  go for green materials. Major retailers like Crate and Barrel and Pier One and many others, are recognizing a need for green lifestyle home solutions and offering outdoor furniture constructed from teak or bamboo that are harvested and manufactured responsibly. Crate and Barrel also uses materials that are nontoxic and made from recycled fabrics. It’s so much easier to find green lifestyle materials than ever before, as many retailers are more conscious of customer needs. Consumers are big fans of green shopping, especially the Millenials, who are extremely creative in recycling and repurposing home design.

Heal Estate has a wide variety of members, advertisers and affiliate partners who are conscious consumers, green-friendly and from whom you can purchase your sustainable products and services.

Light it Up Sustainably

Fire pits are a beautiful way to provide warmth on cool nights and throw off a little light. If you’re looking for a fire pit, you probably want to avoid wood-burning fire pits. The EPA warns that burning wood can create excess smoke that is a health hazard as well as toxic fumes and air pollution. Look for fire pits that have been constructed for green home solutions and offer reduced smoke output. You can choose from natural gas models or use select Duraflame logs that are made with renewable resources instead of wood. Some fire pits are made for green lifestyle solutions and have a vertical design that helps reduce smoke output from wood combustion.

Twinkle lights, backyard lights and any other lighting enhancements like torches, lanterns, porch lights, etc. should be replaced with bulbs that are LED. If you’re installing new fixtures, these models tend to use less energy than their older counterparts. You can also find solar lights that soak up the sun during the day and twinkle at night.

When decorating your patio and outdoor area, yard sales, estate sales, consignment shops and more, are great places to find interesting, unusual and recycled items. There is usually something for all kinds of tastes, from old to new, and they give your space character and a unique touch. It isn’t always necessary to buy new things, when so many other user-friendly objects are available.

If you don’t feel savvy enough to do it yourself, get help from a friend, designer or someone else who knows how to shop for these kinds of items. It’s fun and allows you to use your imagination and be creative.

Plants are always a wonderful addition to the outdoors. Succulents are beautiful and help keep your water bills lower. In an age where drought is prevalent, saving water should be a priority. There are now alternatives to water usage, such as recycling water, grey water tanks, or getting a turf lawn that doesn’t need water.

For more green lifestyle solutions in and out of doors, check out our landscape and gardening tips, or read about sustainable farming, health and wellness, environmental awareness and more, at

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