Why is Green Cleaning So Important to Your Family’s Health?

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Why is Green Cleaning So Important to Your Family’s Health?

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Why is green cleaning so important to your family’s health? Cleaning products that we’ve used for hundreds of years are mostly toxic, full of unhealthy chemicals, pollute the air, may cause illness, are worse for small children, and in no way serve the environment.


The great news is that there are numerous healthy, green cleaning, and environmentally safe products on the market. Some of them you can do-it-yourself if you know the formulas, and are simple and easy to do.


These healthy green cleaning products are particularly important if you have small children with allergies, asthma or other autoimmune issues. I’ve written a book called “A Simple Guide to Immunity,” (Enhanced Revised Edition), available on Amazon, which gives you lists of chemicals which are contained in most cleaning and other products, and what effects they have on your immune system and the environment. My book also gives you simple, healthy and safe remedies for a host of diseases, including cancer, treatments for candida, detoxification solutions, green cleaning and more.


At a time in our history when our planet is in a major rebellion against what we’ve done to it, now is the time to become conscious consumers and get smart about what you put in and around your body. Especially for children, whose immune systems are still forming and extremely vulnerable to outside influences.


In my household we use, for example, vinegar and water to clean floors, surfaces and even windows. We use eco-friendly laundry and dishwashing liquids or capsules, natural products for cleaning the bathroom and other areas in the home.


We even have a green cleaning vacuum cleaner that has a water base, traps all dust and particles in water, so you never see the same dust twice. It’s call a Rainbow cleaning system and you can order it through the company. It’s durable, effective, easy to use and clean, and my own allergies are much better because of it. It can clean drapes, clothing, walls, blinds, and has an attachment that can clean and wash carpets. Remarkable machine!


There are also hidden chemicals in furnishings, pots and pans, walls and window treatments – on and on, so if you’re interested in your family living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, find out what materials are made of and where they are sourced before you purchase new items. It may seem like a lot of work and research, but in the long run, it’s worth your time. The very thing that could be disturbing your child’s health is right in front of your eyes. Or in the food your children eat. Hidden toxins and chemicals are everywhere, and if anyone in your family has chronic illness and is as yet undiagnosed, the problem is probably closer than you think.


Here is a list of responsible companies for green cleaning:



  • Seventh Generation
  • Biokleen
  • Mrs. Meyers
  • Method
  • Eco-Me Toilet Bowl
  • Attitude Little Ones Baby Bottle and Dishwashing
  • Nature Clean
  • Go Lite
  • Ecos



To name only a few. There is also more to a company than the ingredients in products:


  • Where ingredients are sourced
  • How the company treats employees
  • Fair trade practices
  • Price points
  • Environment consciousness
  • Business model of the company


These are the kinds of questions that particularly, Millenials, ask themselves before they purchase an item. Most importantly for families, are they safe and healthy for your children?


We live in a world where these kinds of questions are good for the planet. As climate change creates weather pattern disturbances, natural parks and forests are disappearing as well as animal habitats, it’s our responsibility to care, to take action, which simply means in the choices we make on a daily basis. We, as a country, seem to be moving more in a “we” direction, and less in an “I” direction as the need arises. We are all responsible for ourselves and each other, and the more we pay attention to the small and larger issues, the healthier and more rewarding it will be for all of us and our precious global community.


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