Green Building: 5 Reasons For Real Estate Agents to Recommend Green Building Contractors

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Green Building: 5 Reasons For Real Estate Agents to Recommend Green Building Contractors

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It’s no secret that real estate agents and contractors are closely linked with one another. This is especially true for real estate agents who have clients that are looking to either build from scratch or make valuable renovations to their existing homes. The ability to recommend the right contractor can lead to a large degree of satisfaction, economy, and green building for all involved. Real estate agents can actually get a lot of mileage out of recommending a very specific type of contractor to their clients—green building contractors.

Green building contractors are changing the face of construction throughout the world and helping to create a more sustainable future. Here are five reasons why real estate agents should always recommend contractors who specialize in green building as opposed to working with your average, run of the mill builder.


When it comes to building materials, there’s no getting around the fact that some are far more sustainable than others. It’s easy to assume that most builders have enough of a conscience to only work with building materials that are highly sustainable, but this isn’t necessarily true. To be safe, it’s best to hire those who advertise their usage of sustainable materials and are willing to discuss the benefits of the issue. For sustainability factors, alone, working with green builders is more than worth your while.


The ecological impact that new construction can have on an area can be quite devastating. This is why it’s so important to ensure that the contractor you work with takes the environment into consideration every single step of the way. From planning to implementation of the design, paying close attention to the ecological impact of a building can help to reduce the chances that the environment will be affected in a negative manner.


Creating sustainable habitats through green building is one of the greatest ways to plan for the future and pave the way for an eco-friendly environment. Less waste, energy use, invasion of land and habitats and the use of sustainable materials is better for the planet and for your health. Green builders are plotting out habitats for people of all income levels and play a key role in urban planning initiatives. While there are plenty of traditional contractors who can also make these claims, green builders are leading the way and have the certifications to support them.


Did you know that by adhering to the principles of green building qualifications you can actually create energy savings in all areas? Air sealing plays a major role in green construction, and when properly carried out, your clients will never have to worry about energy loss again. Plus, green HVAC equipment is far more energy-efficient than the heating and cooling systems of the past.


The environmental benefits of working with a green building contractor truly have no limits. Green building is constantly evolving, and the best contractors are those who spend the time and energy to ensure that they’re always at the forefront of innovation, certification and progress. Residential customers tend to feel better about working with confident contractors who care about the environment, and green builders fit the bill perfectly. That’s why real estate agents who work with sustainable and green building contractors are doing a big service to our environment and future.

At Heal Estate, we’re building a sustainable community to provide helpful information to those who want to learn more about green real estate. For more information, visit our website and browse our articles on contemporary green living.

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