Clean Eating: Eco-Friendly Feeding For Our Four-Legged Friends

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Clean Eating: Eco-Friendly Feeding For Our Four-Legged Friends

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Our dog are like our children. They’re part of the family, and everyone who has a dog knows this. We love them, care for them, and treasure them! It’s important that we give them clean eating, the best food we can, just as we give our children.

What’s the best dog food? If you ask a Holistic Veterinarian, he/she’ll tell you to cook for them, just as you cook for yourselves. I’m not talking about steak or lobster, but just clean eating like cooked, organic chicken or lamb with vegetables like broccoli, green beans, a bit of spinach or kale. Not too much of these last two, as they can cause kidney issues because of the uric acid content.

Dogs love carrots, cucumber, cantaloupe, pears, watermelon, apples, asparagus, yams and cooked organic organ meats are excellent for dogs. Fruits and vegetables in moderation, of course, because too much can give dogs gas.

There’s a great deal of controversy over raw meats and organ meats, but if you go to a highly reliable source, these foods can be good for your dog. Dogs were wild before they became domesticated, and had to fend for themselves and more than likely ate animals raw. It’s in their DNA.

If you’re skeptical about raw foods for clean eating, steamed organic vegetables, fruits and some meat (grass fed, organic) are the best way to go naturally.

If you’re like me and don’t always have time to cook for your dogs, there are canned or dehydrated foods that are made responsibly and from reliable companies.

Here are a few pet foods in the dry category:


Castor & Pollux Organix


These products don’t contain ETHOXYQUIN, which is toxic to dogs, and are free of allergens like corn and wheat. Most of you know that grains are not good for dogs, as they don’t have the enzymes to digest them well. Buy grain-free as much as you can. Always read labels and determine if this product is part of a clean eating diet for your dog, as each dog has different physical needs.

Don’t feed your dog ONLY dry food because there are nutrients missing and they don’t clean their teeth. It’s always good to balance your dog’s food, anyway.

Wet Dogs Foods:

Newman’s Own Organics


Party Animal Organic

These are only a few of the clean eating wet products on the market. Because it’s such a controversial subject, I leave it to you to use common sense and the best nutritional guidelines for your dogs. Traditional Vets have less knowledge about organic foods for dogs, so see if you can find a Holistic Vet who knows traditional and alternative medicine. The best of both worlds.

There are numerous herbs and supplements for any health issues your dogs may have, from treating kidneys (common issue), heart disease, liver toxicity and allergies, to a host of other ailments. I have two Whippets who are very sensitive, streamlined dogs with specific needs for their refined immune system.

They get digestive enzymes, bone and joint natural supplements, herbs for kidney health and a homeopathic remedy which goes in their water to clean their kidneys and bladder from ash and other harmful toxins.

We give them pumpkin for fiber, organic chicken, wild caught cod or other fish with little mercury, for clean eating. Of course they’re spoiled to the max, but I can’t help myself! They’re my kids.

We get their teeth cleaned with laser therapy twice a year, and they have yearly checkups. We don’t give the Whippets vaccinations or flea medicine. We use natural sprays like citronella or tea tree. We bath them regularly and use organic shampoo and conditioner. They drink only filtered water for clean eating and drinking.

Naturally, they get lots of love, warmth (they sleep under the covers), nutrition and care, and they run in the park daily, as Whippets have to run.

Dogs deserve the best life has to offer and we love them! Treat them according to the Golden Rule and they’ll be happy and healthy, and always love you unconditionally.

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