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How to Choose Pet Products with Minimal Impact on the Environment- Eco Animal Living

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Pets are our family, so it’s inevitable that we love them so much. I love to spoil my pets with toys, comfy beds, and lots of treats. As a lover of the environment and all living things, it’s important to buy nontoxic, eco-friendly products to ensure the best quality of life for both my pets and the planet. More than anything, I want my pets to be as healthy and happy as possible by adopting eco animal living habits.

Eco-Friendly Pet Toys

One way to adopt more eco animal living habits is to look for toys that are made from natural materials. Most pet products are made from synthetic materials, which host chemicals that your pets could ingest when chewed. Some more eco animal living choices are toys made from rope, bamboo, and hemp. There are also recycled chew toys that are free of chemicals such as BPA and phthalates.

Dog chews tend to be made from cow ears or other animal parts. For a more eco animal living approach, try dehydrated yams or veggie chews. The consistency of veggie chews matches that of jerky, and are incredibly nutritious and good for your dog’s teeth. Swapping a couple meaty chews for a vegetarian or vegan option reduces the demand for meat products. This is a great way to reduce water usage, since the meat industry uses thousands of gallons of water to produce and prepare animals for slaughter.

Healthy Environment & Bedding

Keep your pet healthy by being aware of its surroundings. Our pets’ bodies are a lot smaller than ours, so reducing toxic buildup will ensure that your pet is healthy and clean. To brainstorm ways to clean your pets’ environment, think of where your pet lingers. For example, if you have a cat, consider picking up some biodegradable, dust-free kitty litter. These types of litters can be dumped into a compost bin rather than into a landfill, and its dust-free formula is important for respiratory health.

Another place your pet probably spends most of its time is where it sleeps. You can buy pet beds made of hemp, which is one of the strongest plant fibers, making it last twice as long as cotton. Additionally, hemp is biodegradable and a safer material for your pet. Hemp farms produce twice the amount of crop for each acre of land in comparison with cotton, so it’s a highly renewable resource. If hemp isn’t your thing, you can purchase comfy cushions with recycled fiber fill or beds that are made from recycled plastic water bottles. By utilizing one of these beds, there are less materials extracted from the earth, since existing materials are repurposed and renewed.

Lastly, sleep is essential to restore the body, so it’s important to pick a bed that’s all-natural and not covered with toxic sealants or paints. The more sustainable choices you make as a conscious consumer, the more you can reduce your all natural pet’s eco paw print and ensure its optimal health.

All Natural Pet Food

Pet food ingredients are often ambiguous, but as an environmental buyer who cares about eco animal living, it makes sense to seek all-natural food options. Luckily, there are sustainable companies that have done the hard work for us. Only Natural Pet, for example, compiles lists of healthy, natural pet food that follows stringent guidelines which they consider healthy and nontoxic. Many of these natural pet companies host an ‘unacceptable ingredients list,’ which includes common softeners, sweeteners, and synthetic agents found in lots of commercially bought pet food brands.

In addition, there are sustainable, locally grown humane pet food companies that partner up with other recycling organizations to create 100% recycled packaging. To recycle your pet food packaging, all you have to do is rinse the bag and ship it to one of these organizations, where they shred and melt the packaging into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products. Purchasing from sustainable pet companies makes eco animal living easy and possible.

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