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How is Technology for Plastic-Free Oceans a Good Investment?

As the planet suffers its share of human bombardment, great research and design teams are hard at work finding ways to clean up our mess, while making it a lucrative investment at the same time. One place that is getting investors’ attention from the green business sector is ocean cleanup. Each year, ocean plastic kills... Read More

Healthy Living: What are Grey Water Systems in Los Angeles? How Can They Positively Impact the Global Community?

Los Angeles, California has become an example of how NOT to use water in this drought traumatized state. The good news is that the awareness of the inefficiency of the current water delivery systems has motivated local LA residents to become responsible grey water re-users. As a major US city, Los Angeles may be leading... Read More

Green Living: Green Travel – Cruises that are Green-Conscious

For the green living traveler, cruises seem to be the perfect way to get back to nature. Passengers venture not far above the ocean, in the tangy sea air, soaking up sun and fun in a relaxing, carefree environment. Prying off the cruise industry’s façade shows many concerns for the green traveler.  Royal Caribbean has... Read More

Sustainable Living: Protect and Preserve Ecosystems in Our Environment

Much like businessmen running around Wall Street, Ecosystems are communities of interacting organisms within their environment. Ecosystems are not simply beautiful bodies of water swimming with life, or dense forests that hold a sense of wisdom and mystery. We tend to romanticize nature to be something to appreciate, but not necessarily something we need. People... Read More

Plastic Goes Fantastic: DIY Fuel From Plastic Bags

We all know that “disposable” plastic bags are bad for the environment. The good news is that we now know that they can be melted down, refined and used as fuel! The single-use, flimsy plastic grocery bag—the kind that we still find in the produce departments of major grocery stores—perhaps epitomize the urgency of what... Read More

Power to the Planet / Part 3: When Passive Is Positive

Being passive isn’t smart in business. It isn’t smart in relationships. But when it comes to creating a healthy, energy efficient home or office, passive is very, very smart. Passive House, that is. “Passive House” is a voluntary, ultra-low energy building standard that creates structures so efficient they don’t require typical heating or cooling systems.... Read More

Cloud Seeding: Blessing or Curse?

“The Beijing Weather Modification Office spent a lot of time researching how to prevent rain in the city during the Aug. 8 opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics. The government even guaranteed clear skies for the event — a promise it managed to deliver on.” The feat only took the launch of 1,104 rain dispersal rockets from... Read More

Errors of Emission

“We are stardust Billion-year-old carbon And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” ~ Joni Mitchell, lyrics to Woodstock In the classic, An Inconvenient Truth, Earth steward Al Gore laid out for us, cleanly and with humor, why the way we conduct our lives matters monumentally — and how we each have a... Read More

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