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Sustainable Car Companies: Car Manufacturers Making Strides Towards a Cleaner Commute

Climate change has found a champion in one of the most unlikely of places: the auto industry, in the form of sustainable car companies. As we have but two ways to reduce our climate-altering impact on the globe — either by reducing consumption or improving efficiency — the time has come to be more realistic... Read More

What Is Sustainable Living: Voluntourism For Travelers

Voluntourism is on the rise in America. It’s also gaining popularity for those seeking adventure while traveling around in our world. There are many portals to these sustainable living adventures. Some of them include non profit groups such as Cross Cultural Solutions  or the more well-known organizations known as Doctor’s Without Borders, or BuildersWithoutBorders... Read More

Sustainable Living: Going Green While Traveling

Green travel is a broad term with two main branches: It refers first and foremost to green practices that pay attention to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It can also refer to eco-tourism, which involves responsible travel specifically to natural areas. The U.S. transportation system is responsible for about 40 percent of the nation’s fossil-fuel related carbon dioxide... Read More

Green Living: Eco-Tourism Explained

As the world gets smaller and easier to explore thanks to modern conveniences like air transport, etc, it has also found new ways to become polluted. From visitors leaving trash at historic sites to small communities finding that they don’t have enough resources to play host and cash in on tourist dollars, tourism has definitely... Read More

NYC’s Freshkills Park Promises to Transform Trash into Treasure

Central Park is without a doubt New York City’s most famous park. Over 700 acres of green space take up prime real estate in the city, offering wildlife a chance to flourish in the urban environment, outdoor enthusiasts the ability to experience nature and city dwellers the chance to get some fun in the sun,... Read More

How Elon Musk is saving the world

The status quo is one of the greatest threats to the environment. Why do we still burn fossil fuels? Status quo. Why do we build energy-guzzling homes that make us sick? Because we’re intimidated by the unknown. Business as usual is responsible for a variety of ecological and social ills, including oil spills, pollution, plastic... Read More

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