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Green Earth Travel is Leading in the Nation’s Eco Travel Movement

  Founded in 1997 as the nation’s premier vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency, Green Earth Travel, LLC, which provides green vacation experiences, remains on the forefront of  conscious destinations which offer a wide-range of travel options for travelers who care about the planet. Today Green Earth Travel, LLC and travel expert, Donna Zeigfinger, company President/owner, focus on... Read More

How to Preserve Wildlife On Your Travel Destination: Eco-Travel

Unintended consequences can be heart-wrenching, especially regarding wildlife in endangered, pristine locations. Many world travelers who seek out these eco-travel destinations have witnessed what happens when tourists invade these beautiful natural habitats. Within a few years they become over-populated, over-developed, and bereft of the natural beauty that created the attraction. As responsible global citizens, our... Read More

Green Living: Green Travel – Cruises that are Green-Conscious

For the green living traveler, cruises seem to be the perfect way to get back to nature. Passengers venture not far above the ocean, in the tangy sea air, soaking up sun and fun in a relaxing, carefree environment. Prying off the cruise industry’s façade shows many concerns for the green traveler.  Royal Caribbean has... Read More

Green Living: How to Travel Green and Stay in a Green-Friendly Hotel

There are many things to look for choosing in choosing a green-living, green- friendly hotel. Perhaps the best place to start is to see if your lodgings have been rated by the U.S. Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The rating system covers the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of... Read More

Vacation Getaway: Relax and Participate in Activities that Promote Sustainability

Sustainability implies duration, and sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society and economy of your vacation getaway. Tourism is a major source of income for many countries, and options for sustainable tourism include nature- oriented tourism, ecotourism and cultural... Read More

Eco-Friendly Sunscreen that Protects and Supports the Eco-System

Although there is some debate, it’s almost universally agreed that people should wear sunscreen to protect against the harmful rays of the sun that can cause wrinkles, leathery tans and skin cancer. But did you know that while you’re protecting yourself, you could be harming the ecosystem, including coral reefs and the animals that call... Read More

Sustainable Hotels: Amazing Hotels That Consider Health The #1 Priority

What is a “sustainable hotel?” A sustainable hotel is a hotel that consciously uses and reuses resources such as water, energy, recycling, re-using, re-purposing all of the products and services that provide the maintenance and comfort of your vacation experience. For example, a sustainable hotel may use cotton cloth napkins, which is sustainable material, eco-friendly... Read More

Sustainable Travel: Take These 5 Items With You To Have A Safe And Healthy Summer Vacation

If you’re traveling within your own country, you have access to items you may not have if traveling abroad. Traveling green should be economical and supportive of sustainable travel. There are many ways you can minimize your carbon footprint while traveling, and the first is to bring items which save energy, money, and the planet!... Read More

Sustainable Travel: Vacation Trends That Are Saving the Planet

Rather than leach off surrounding resources, latch on to the many vacation trends that are saving the planet. Pack your bags, your next trip is going to be a sustainable travel adventure you’ll never forget. It will be full of ways to enjoy a well-deserved break while at the same time giving back to humanity... Read More

Sustainable Cars: Discover 2016’s Cleanest Coolest Drives for Any Lifestyle

Today consumers have several practical choices when it comes to driving sustainable cars including those that are fully electric (EVs), plug-in hybrids, or hybrids. There are many advantages to driving a green, sustainable car, not only the most obvious ones, getting better fuel economy and helping the environment, but in some states being allowed to... Read More

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