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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Adrienne’s Clean Living Testimony, Part 3

In the mid-90’s, Adrienne began to seriously question the reality of her healthy lifestyle. She was conscious about the quality of her food and, she thought, her lifestyle. Something was missing, however, as evidenced by the pain and stiffness in her hands and feet. Adrienne’s ability to work as a hairstylist became more and more... Read More

Green Living: Sustainability In Restaurants

Earth-friendly restaurants around the world rely on local, seasonal and sustainable food sources, green building materials and supplies to “green” their menus and lighten up their carbon footprint. Food, water, and energy waste are all major issues for restaurants, but by taking small steps to reduce waste, restaurants are becoming increasingly conscious consumers. How Green... Read More

Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Adrienne’s Clean Living Testimony, Part 2

Adrienne later opened her own hair salon in New York City, and worked there for the next 10 years or more. A healthy lifestyle was not part of this equation. More exposure to toxins, more chemicals building up in her lungs and fatty tissues and without Adrienne’s knowledge of how this was affecting her. Prior... Read More

Healthy Lifestyle: Adrienne’s Clean Living Testimony, Part 1

Adrienne Kessler, the CEO and founder of Heal Estate, comes by her passion and healthy lifestyle mandate honestly and intentionally. Her parents owned a prominent beauty salon on Long Island, New York, and from a very young age, Adrienne hung around the salon. She began working with her parents, Melanie and Leon, at age 12... Read More

Green Living: How Our Choices Change Our World

You know green is the new black. Your intentions are good. But shifting fully into green living can seem overwhelming. The solution? Begin where you are. From reducing paper waste to cutting back on car use; from repairing leaky sinks to sealing drafty windows, there are myriad small steps you can take that will save... Read More

Sustainable Living: How Heal Estate Is Going To Heal The World

“Heal Estate” is the brain-child of the CEO of this new online sustainable living company, Adrienne Kessler. The idea had its genesis from her own health issues caused from environmental toxins, and grew from necessity to what it is today. Heal Estate is a revolutionary online sustainable living community of green partners, members, advertisers and... Read More

Why Tankless Water Heaters Save Energy

You have the recycling system in your home down. You reuse whenever possible. But have you considered how to reduce? A big source of energy use in the home comes from your water heater, something that many people tend to overlook when it comes to reducing energy use. Then again, if you are looking to... Read More

Tiny Houses, Big Benefits

Once upon a time you probably wanted to grow up and live in a castle. Or a mansion. Then a host of “mini McMansions” sprang up across the country and people realized that living in a big house might not be the greatest thing in the world. Sure, they fit some lifestyles but they do... Read More

Hemp Farming

A Heal Estate Favorite: Originally published August 17, 2015 Check out your state to see if it supports Hemp Farming, and register to start a petition to allow farmers to grow hemp. This article will explain why this is such an important step for you to take. There are 15 states in the United States... Read More

Environmental Series: Part Two: 5 Steps to Allergy-Free Personal Care

If you’ve read my story, Allergic — Or Toxic?  you’ll understand that the chemical soup in which we live can cause a vast array of troubling health issues. However, simple choices and changes can dramatically improve your health. Start here: 1. Resolve to quit smoking ASAP! Tobacco smoke contains thousands of harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde,... Read More

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