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Sustainable Living: Conscious Consumer Values

Certification Fairtrade Foundation’s Barbara Crowther says 76% of the public believe independent third-party certification is the best way to verify a product’s social or sustainable living claims. According to Lucy Atkinson, an assistant professor at the University of Texas, while the trust of US consumers lies in government or third-party labels, the appeal of a... Read More

Sustainable Living: Criteria for Sustainable Products

Those of us dedicated to sustainable living can become overwhelmed by green-sounding products on the market. It might be hard to believe, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet developed a definition for the term “natural.” The FDA doesn’t object to a supplier using the term on food labels, as long as... Read More

Sustainable Living: Architect Louise Braverman Sets Sustainable Precedents in Africa

Sustainable living is an ongoing necessity in Kigutu, Burundi. Elemental design strategies need to establish both aesthetics while also advancing energy savings. This village is 100% off the municipal grid. It’s powered solely by a nearby solar array and local solar water heaters. These are sited at the rear of the new sustain-ably designed building, and are... Read More

What is Green Living? The Movement and Its Impact

When tackling the question “what is green living,” we are able to reach back into a rich history that has moved this concept forward and imprinted its innate importance into the minds of generations.... Read More

Sustainable Living: Denmark Mandate of Sustainable Excellence

In Denmark, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries is working toward what has been deemed the ‘world’s most ambitious plan’ for organic food and sustainable living for the entire country. The new strategy involves increasing organic farming in order to serve more organic food in the nation’s public institutions, and step up the sustainable living quotient in... Read More

How Sustainable Living Communities Impact Our World

The notion of sustainable living communities and the associated idea of livable neighborhoods have encouraged interesting explorations and provide us with a number of ideas which can impact our world. First, there is the notion of learning, and educating the community about the extent to which our environment affects our quality of life. There is... Read More

Healthy Lifestyle: The True Health Benefits Of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee Coffee is healthy. Shocking, right? How many times have you heard how bad coffee is for your health? Studies have revealed just the opposite, drinking it in moderation, of course. Is drinking coffee healthy living? It’s loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients which can improve your health. Improves Energy Coffee increases... Read More

Living Green Tips: 6 Ways You Can Become More Green Today

Imagine going into a restaurant and saying to the server, “I’ll have whatever’s cooking on your stove.” Absurd, right? Yet we do this every time we passively accept what’s on store shelves as our only option. What can I do, you ask? You don’t have to march on Washington to be a change agent! You... Read More

Green Living Tips: 5 Going Green Resolutions

Guess what the first green living tip is? Recycle, Recycle, Recycle Purchase Sustainable Clothing and Materials Green Your Home Use Energy Efficient Cars and Home Products Turf Your Yard and Buy Succulents These are only a few of the green living tips we can implement. Fortunately, there are resources like Heal Estate which guide and... Read More

What Is Sustainable Living: 10 Things You Need To Know

What is sustainable living? Conscious living with mindful action is the key to sustainable living . Putting fourth sustainable action and energy will manifest conservation in all facets of our modern lives if we are open to making the effort. Asking Ourselves, “What is sustainable living,” is not always as easy as the “three magic... Read More

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