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Eco Living: What Can Heal Estate Offer You

Heal Estate offers you a conscious community and access to sustainable partners, affiliates, members and advertising opportunities to grow your business along with ours. We offer you information, knowledge, community and superior content on sustainable businesses, products and services. JOIN US at Heal Estate and become a part of a community that is making a... Read More

Going Green: Ethical Markets and Reducing The Class Gap

We live in a global marketplace where economies are largely dominated by the profit motive, as opposed to ethical sustainability economics. There are vast disparities of wealth; any number of statistics can be found to demonstrate the growing gap between the top 10% and much of the earth’s population—and in which there are enormous levels... Read More

Sustainable Home Designs Architecture For The Environment​

For those who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their impact on the environment, sustainable home design is one of the most important aspects to consider. This is especially true for anyone who is currently planning to build a new home, or renovate one you’re living in. Many of today’s progressive designers... Read More

Green Living: Criteria for Green Consumers – How Do You Know if a Product/Company is Green Friendly

In a country where consumerism is huge and advertisements are everywhere, it’s important to stay calm and collected when deciding what you should  buy. It’s tough to figure out where to spend your money to get what you need — and if you’re an advocate for the environment, the choice gets trickier. Luckily, there are... Read More

Green Business: How Heal Estate Members Are Changing The Face of The Planet

How are Heal Estate members changing the face of the planet? Not only members and sustainable companies, but also affiliates who sell their products on the website, as well as buy, and advertisers, who along with members and affiliates, gain visibility from over 1000 customers weekly. Heal Estate is all about the bottom line: sustainable,... Read More

Clean Eating: Being Healthy Means Eating Healthy Green and Clean Smoothie Recipe

We all want health and wellness in our lives, and nourishment is one of the ways to create healthy living – what we eat, how, why and for how long. “If food be the music of life, play on…” I think Shakespeare said this. I’ve compiled a list of healthy living recipes, and a link... Read More

Green Living: Sustainable Practices and Alternative Energy

Whether it’s the air we breathe, the foods we eat or our environment, green living also known as sustainable living, means different things to different people. Some common buzz words are eco-friendly, being green, clean living, etc.  But if you’re like me, overloaded and bombarded with information on a daily basis, the essence of the... Read More

Sustainable Living: Eco-Conscious Kitchen Counters

When it comes to choosing new kitchen counter tops, it can be overwhelming. First off, you must  consider your lifestyle and how hard you work your counter tops. Then you must take into account that many counter tops don’t work in terms of sustainable living. Many counter tops rely on chemical sealants that can off... Read More

Sustainable Living: Tiny Homes, Huge Impact

Drive through any gentrified neighborhood in a major city these days and you’ll see the construction of McMansions, mammoth homes out of scale with the rest of their neighborhood. Here we’ll look at the opposite: tiny homes that can have a huge impact on sustainable living. Micro units are small, usually around 300 square feet.... Read More

Green Living: Why Buy Local

“Several studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms — continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community.” Support: Non-profit organizations receive an average 250%... Read More

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