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Green Activities For Kids: Educational Eco-Friendly Projects For Kids This Summer

Preparing our kids for the environmental changes that are looming and rapidly advancing is no longer a guessing game. Hard facts are showing us just how necessary it is to teach green activities for kids, what to do and how to cope with our quickly changing ecosystems. What better way to raise our children to... Read More

Building a Green Home: Beautiful Bathrooms

The key to designing and building the most beautiful bathroom is making sure all the facets of sustainable, green and gorgeous are in place. This guide will assist you in making certain that the word “beautiful” includes qualities such as cost- effective, local and chemical-free. Creating a beautiful bathroom is only one aspect of building... Read More

Healthy Living: Teaching Kids to Use Electronics Consciously and Safely

Maintaining a child’s healthy living atmosphere requires a non-processed food diet, plenty of outdoor exercise and now teaching them to use electronics consciously and safely. It may feel like an uphill battle but staying on top of your child’s digital world is essential. It could mean the difference between letting them retreat into unknown territory,... Read More

Green Living: DIY Social Consciousness & World Impact

Consciousness and green living connote a certain awareness of people and things that are external to us. But necessity is the mother of invention and we live in a world where systems are failing us; we find ourselves in a race – a stampede to fix the mess we’ve made of our environment and before... Read More

Healthy Living: Where Does Your Food Come From – Farm to Table Food

If you’re interested in healthy living, you’ve probably heard the term “farm to table,” everywhere from the grocery store to your favorite restaurant. Despite the buzzword, there is actually a wealth of meaning lurking there, although it has no official definition. Most importantly, farm to table food indicates that you know exactly where your food... Read More

Truly Sustainable Low Income Housing: The Five Hundred Dollar House

Truly Sustainable Low Income Housing:  The five hundred dollar house The lowest income truly sustainable housing available today is constructed primarily by earth building – better understood as monolithic adobe. It is what those many old temples, domes and mosks, and even still occupied five hundred year old 10 story apartment buildings are made of... Read More

Clean Eating: Eco-Friendly Feeding For Our Four-Legged Friends

Our dog are like our children. They’re part of the family, and everyone who has a dog knows this. We love them, care for them, and treasure them! It’s important that we give them clean eating, the best food we can, just as we give our children. What’s the best dog food? If you ask... Read More

Heal Estate Video

Founder of Heal Estate Adrienne Kessler shares her passion about the Heal Estate project... Read More

How Does Heal Estate Add Value and Impact Your Lives

Heal Estate helps us learn how to reduce our carbon footprint and toxins from the environment. We give you tips and information about everything from DIY products, to living in the city consciously, to cleaning the air in your home, to how to care for your children and pets, and almost everything that has to... Read More

Organic Mosquito Repellent: Avoid Zika Virus and West Nile

Fear is a driving factor regarding news reports of global viruses that seem to be popping up out of nowhere. This is not to say that fear of illness isn’t real, it just means that it doesn’t have to take over your everyday well being. Organically preventing West Nile and Zika Virus There are natural... Read More

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