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Sustainable Homes: What Are the Qualifications that Make a Home Green Certified

Sustainable homes are important for the health of the planet because an individual’s housing usually has a greater impact on the environment than one’s work, transportation or recreation. Sustainable  homes that make sparing use of power qualify for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured Energy Efficient Mortgages, which qualify home buyers for bigger loans because the... Read More

Sustainable Living: How Does Solar Power Save on Your Electric Bills?

It’s ironic that the great state of Texas has the potential to harness more solar energy from the sun in one month than all the oil ever pumped out of its land. When it comes to sustainable living, you can save on your electric bills by installing a solar array. The more people realize they... Read More

Environmental Series: Part One: Allergic – or Toxic?

Sneezing. Headaches. Fatigue. Irritability. Joint pain. Brain “fog”. These could be allergy symptoms. But that’s often not the whole story. Your body may be overloaded with environmental toxins. By my mid-30s I was a physical wreck, even though I was supposedly doing everything right: eating organic food, exercising, not smoking, and aiming for eight hours’... Read More

Green Living: Sustainable Summer Projects for Kids

Shop your local farmers’ market Too many children these days don’t know where their food comes from. The closest these kids get to the origin of what they eat is plastic wrapped carrots. Many cities and towns host green living farmer’s markets where children can actually talk to the people who grow food. In California... Read More

Green Living: How Green is Your Valley: Supporting Local Community Green Measures

In an effort to move in the direction of green living, many people go to great lengths to ensure that they’re doing everything they can within their own homes to foster a more sustainable lifestyle. Green living is about more than just the home and efforts like recycling, however—it’s a community effort that must be... Read More

Clean Living: Keep Your Home Allergy Free: Clean Air in Your Home

You know about the environmental smog of pollution from planes, trains, automobiles and factories. But did you know that the air inside isn’t sparkling clean either, making clean living at home more challenging? Indoor air can be filled with molds and moisture, not to mention radon, asbestos and many other toxic chemicals. These pollutants can... Read More

Clean Living: Why Finland Leads the World in Environmental Protection Standards How Can the United States Model Them?

It’s no secret that Finland is one of the most progressive countries in the world. What many people don’t know, however, is that the country has gone to great lengths over the years to enhance its clean living and environmental standards. Today, Finland leads the world in terms of environmental protection standards, with the United... Read More

Eco-friendly lifestyle: What is “Rustic-Tech Chic” and Why are Millennials Choosing It?

Millennials tend to be smart, savvy, well-educated and think about the future. They seem to choose eco-friendly lifestyle because they realize the benefits of social responsibility, global impact and climate change. They are in the midst of it all, and understand that their choices affect the future, and they choose to be conscious consumers. “The... Read More

Sustainable Living: Solving Society’s Problems by Living Sustainably

It’s no secret that our society is up against a growing list of challenges with each passing year, which is counter-intuitive to sustainable living. Societal issues can snowball and become dramatically difficult to remedy once they’ve gotten bad enough, which is why it’s so important for every individual to do their part in helping to... Read More

Healthy Living Tips: Natural Home Remedies for Colds and Flu

Cold and flu season is here, and many people, particularly children and the elderly, are affected. Western Medical Doctors want to prescribe antibiotics, cold medicines, cough remedies and aspirin. And admittedly, they are useful—sometimes. I prefer to offer you healthy living tips. As a Holistic Practitioner, I have “magic” formulas, healthy living tips, for curing... Read More

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