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How Do Community Partnerships Secure Enduring Sustainability?

True sustainability requires committed participation by community members in order to work and endure. When individuals recognize that there are mutual benefits from adopting community relations and sustainable practices, and this attitude is shared, community partnerships can secure enduring sustainability.   As a case study, look at Rocklands Farm in Poolesville, Maryland, a town of... Read More

Would You Like to Grow Your Own Food & Herbs?

Heal Estate guides you how to grow food either in your backyard or your apartment. There are many tips on the most effective and least expensive ways to provide for your family on a limited budget. We know the best resources at low cost, and can tell you how to keep your family healthy and... Read More

How VertiCrops Help Cities and Farmers Enhance the Food Supply: Green Living

If you’ve ever heard the term “VertiCrops,” at first you probably wondered whether the hype was justified. Would they truly help cities and farmers enhance the food supply, making agriculture more sustainable, or has the concept been oversold? What are VertiCrops anyway? How important are VertiCrops to those of us who want to practice green... Read More

Green Living: What is the Value of Sustainable Agriculture for Green Businesses and Investors

The dictionary definition of sustainable agriculture is: “In simplest terms, sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.” It’s no secret that our planet is changing with each passing year. With an ever-rising population and... Read More

Sustainable Living: What Is Permaculture and Why Is It So Important to Sustainability

One of the many benefits of Permaculture is that it’s a way to create forests of food by imitating the perfection of nature. That is the nature of Biomimicry, or Permaculture: imitating the natural order of things – plants, animals and all species, how they survive and function, and employing those models for building, growing,... Read More

Sustainable Living: Solving Society’s Problems by Living Sustainably

It’s no secret that our society is up against a growing list of challenges with each passing year, which is counter-intuitive to sustainable living. Societal issues can snowball and become dramatically difficult to remedy once they’ve gotten bad enough, which is why it’s so important for every individual to do their part in helping to... Read More

Sustainable Living: Sustainable Farming – What Steps to Take to Preserve the Environment?

Our agricultural industry has long been a victim of consumer and governmental demand. Industrialized practices have become more prevalent and methods such as genetically modified seeds (GMO) have followed suit. Food is now being produced to feed a growing, often entitled population more interested in purchasing a high carbon footprint mango in the middle of... Read More

Healthy Living: Where Does Your Food Come From – Farm to Table Food

If you’re interested in healthy living, you’ve probably heard the term “farm to table,” everywhere from the grocery store to your favorite restaurant. Despite the buzzword, there is actually a wealth of meaning lurking there, although it has no official definition. Most importantly, farm to table food indicates that you know exactly where your food... Read More

Community Gardens: How to Plant Your First Sustainable Crop

For organic-minded sustainable gardeners, there are a few considerations when planting a sustainable garden. Where are you going to plant it, how are you going to keep it fertilized and watered, and how will you keep your plants pest-free? If you take a moment in the spring to plan your garden, you’ll reap the benefits... Read More

Sustainable Living: Denmark Mandate of Sustainable Excellence

In Denmark, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries is working toward what has been deemed the ‘world’s most ambitious plan’ for organic food and sustainable living for the entire country. The new strategy involves increasing organic farming in order to serve more organic food in the nation’s public institutions, and step up the sustainable living quotient in... Read More

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