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What are 7 Tips for a Green Patio and Landscape Design?

For those of you who look to enjoy the green outdoors without leaving their own property, building a patio can be the perfect solution. There are a great deal of factors that comprise a green outdoor design: How to best embrace green, sustainable practices. Despite the harmful chemicals and unsustainable materials often utilized in green... Read More

8 Trends for Sustainable, Edible and Productive Landscape Design

Sustainable landscape design offers solutions for the environmental problems that traditional landscape design creates. Most landscaping, whether commercial or residential, creates numerous environmental hazards by wasting water, energy, and other resources. Fortunately, sustainable landscape design has become increasingly available and trendy in order to address these issues. By using principles of sustainable landscape design, you... Read More

What is Regenerative Landscape Design- Steps to Take

We live in times when it has become critical to exercise good judgement in the management of our resources. Regeneration involves processes that restore, renew or revitalize sources of energy and materials, which is green landscape design. This challenges us to envision a community in which we live within the limits of our available renewable... Read More

How to Adapt Landscape Design to Climate Change- Green Landscape Design

With so much unpredictable weather on a global scale, it is becoming the “new normal” to adapt to climate change. This can be particularly challenging when it comes to green landscape design, which is now compromised by things like heat island effect, droughts, CO2 fertilization, evapotranspiration, carbon sequestration, salt water intrusion, and ultraviolet radiation.  ... Read More

Innovative Patio and Outdoors: Use Compost, Save Soil

If you live in a city where the local government provides a compost bin, then kudos to you. You have an advantage on green outdoor living and healing the planet from environmental destruction. For those of us in most cities and suburbs, we don’t get a tiny plastic bin to store on our countertop to... Read More

How Permeable Surfaces, Irrigation and Drainage Systems Save Water- EcoLiving

When it comes to outdoor patio design, there are countless ways to create an eco-friendly space. Landscaping and patio design allow homeowners to flex their creative muscles and create an entirely new environment in which to relax and recharge. For those who participate in going green and eco living, there are plenty of ways to... Read More

Outdoor Living: Recycled, Reused Patio Furniture: Natural Materials

One of the outdoor living essentials of rural, suburban and even urban living is being able to lounge on comfortable patio furniture. It’s an outdoor perk all should experience, and when it’s time to go shopping there are a few environmental options to consider. It’s important to pause and think of the bigger picture before... Read More

Green Lifestyle: Sustainable Choices for Patio and Outdoor Decor

Whether you have a small balcony or a big backyard for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, you can find beautiful green lifestyle home solutions that have a minimal environmental impact. In regards to sustainable outdoor décor, think of your outdoor patio and yard as an extension of your green lifestyle home. Just as you made... Read More

Green Living: Salt Water Pool Vs. Chlorine: Dangers of Chlorine Pools: Why Salt Water Wins

The weather is heating up and it’s time to uncover the pool and hop in. But what are you really hopping into? Did you know that chlorine pools have hidden dangers that can be avoided by opting for a green living saltwater pool? Traditionally, chlorine is the main ingredient used to keep pools clean and... Read More

Green Living: Make Your Outdoor Living Space Beautiful and Sustainable This Summer: 6 Tips

Summer is in full swing, which has many homeowners working on enhancing their outdoor living spaces. There are countless different ways to approach beautifying an outdoor green living space, but no matter how you go about it, it’s important to keep sustainability in mind from start to finish. Creating a more sustainable, beautiful outdoor green... Read More

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