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How Do Zero-Waste Grocery Stores Practice Sustainability?

As many cities in the United States pass bills to ban the plastic bag from stores, many green living European cities embrace the idea of a market your great grandparents would find familiar. Imagine a grocery store in which food is not hidden behind a colorful cartoon character on cardboard, a grocery store that allows you,... Read More

Why is Green Cleaning So Important to Your Family’s Health?

  Why is green cleaning so important to your family’s health? Cleaning products that we’ve used for hundreds of years are mostly toxic, full of unhealthy chemicals, pollute the air, may cause illness, are worse for small children, and in no way serve the environment.   The great news is that there are numerous healthy,... Read More

What Steps Must the U.S. Take to Reduce Food Waste?- The European Model

According to a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) study, 40% of food in America goes uneaten. The behind the scenes practices of healthy food disposal rarely have anything to do with human safety, but rather, human aesthetic concern. In other words, more healthy food is thrown away because it doesn’t look good, not because it’s... Read More

Sustainable Fashion for Men: 6 Companies that Care About The Earth- Eco Fashion

If the main reason so many companies compromise our land, water and air is the bottom line due to draining natural resources, rather than pay for what we don’t want, we should pay for what we do want. One place you can start is in what choices you make to you cover your birthday suit.... Read More

Women vs. Men: How Differently They View Sustainability

Perhaps it is because we bear children, delivering them into a world we clearly can influence to a degree, or perhaps it is because we are made up of about 75% water – whatever the reason, growing bodies of social science indicate that women’s values and a green lifestyle are strongly linked to environmental concerns.... Read More

How Your Gut Governs Your Whole Body

Have you heard of the new gut catchword, the microbiome? The word microbiome is defined as “the collection of microbes or microorganisms that inhabit an environment, creating a sort of mini-ecosystem”. Our human microbiome is made up of communities of symbiotic, commensal (relationship between two organisms) and pathogenic bacteria, along with fungi and viruses, all... Read More

Recipes for Inflammation: Natural Health

These natural health recipes are for everyone, unless, of course, you have an allergy to any one of the ingredients. Then you would want to substitute an ingredient that you know you are not allergic to. These recipes are especially good for inflammatory conditions, which include all illnesses and autoimmune disorders, and cancer. The food... Read More

Tips for Living a “GREEN” Day

What does a “green” day look like? How can we consciously live in comfort and ease by taking small steps? A green lifestyle is simpler than you might think. It involves a bit of homework, awareness of the environment, teaching your children well, and taking little steps to keep your home, office, and environment safe... Read More

6 Global Innovations that Help Feed the Hungry: Eco-Living

PART I When the world seems to be spinning around the distraction of Trumped-up Hilarity, sometimes it helps to focus on the hopeful, compassionate and  innovative problem-solving nature of humanity. Feeding the hungry and the discovery of what intelligent and resourceful humans do to make positive changes, are sometimes exactly what we need to feel... Read More

Kimberly Palm: Author, Motivational Speaker, Health Coach, Body/Mind/Spirit

Kimberly Palm is an internationally renowed health coach, stress reduction expert, author and motivational speaker. She is a certified Body & Mind LLC, and teaches meditation and mindfulness. Her thought-provoking, informative and unique book, “Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth,” is available in bookstores all over the world, including Amazon. In addition, she created... Read More

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