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Do You Know How to Green Your Kitchen?

Let Heal Estate show you how to create a green and eco-friendly kitchen, using the most efficient products at the best prices! Heal Estate guides you to products and services you can trust, who are certified green and give you value and efficiency all at one time! With so many choices on the market, it... Read More

Sustainable Living: Conscious Kitchen-Ware

Creating a sustainable living space in your kitchen doesn’t have to be an impossible task: there are many small steps you can take, and some bigger ones, to convert your kitchen into an ecological marvel, and one that’s better for you, too. The materials we choose to use in the utensils and surfaces that come... Read More

Green Living: What are the Newest Trends for Sustainable Kitchen and Dining Room Decor? The Latest Eco-Friendly Materials for 2016.

Bamboo Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world, and has become a big kitchen and home décor trend. Bamboo is a green living material which is commonly used for floors, cabinets, coffee tables, and smaller products like utensils and cutting boards. The popularity of bamboo has grown with the green living... Read More

Sustainable Living: Eco-Conscious Kitchen Counters

When it comes to choosing new kitchen counter tops, it can be overwhelming. First off, you must  consider your lifestyle and how hard you work your counter tops. Then you must take into account that many counter tops don’t work in terms of sustainable living. Many counter tops rely on chemical sealants that can off... Read More

Sustainable Living: Cork Construction, Eco-Friendly Building Materials

For anyone thinking about sustainable living, it seems impossible to believe that builders of the not-too-distant past carelessly used asbestos in the construction of homes and offices. Future generations will look back on our time in wide-eyed wonder that we built structures with unsustainable resources. But they will also note that there was a farsighted... Read More

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