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Why is Green Cleaning So Important to Your Family’s Health?

  Why is green cleaning so important to your family’s health? Cleaning products that we’ve used for hundreds of years are mostly toxic, full of unhealthy chemicals, pollute the air, may cause illness, are worse for small children, and in no way serve the environment.   The great news is that there are numerous healthy,... Read More

How to Choose the Right Rescue-Pet for Your Family

Animal Rescue   Animal rescue is the lifesaving process of rescuing stray animals from shelters who are scheduled to be euthanized. In the United States, an estimated 3 million animals are euthanized each year. Often these animals are neglected, injured, abused, or are deemed as an ‘unfavorable’ breed. Pitbulls, for example, tend to be an... Read More

Healthy Food: Quinoa Ginger Burgers

Quinoa is the new rice. It is a healthy food, flavorful, high in protein, non-allergenic/gluten-free, and has vitamins and minerals. It’s easy to prepare – like rice, kids like it, and it’s inexpensive to buy. There are many kinds of grains that are gluten-free and healthy. These grain, such Teff, appear on the marketplace from... Read More

How to Teach Your Family Green Lifestyle Choices- Green Family Living

Raising kids and having a family creates wonderment, challenges, joy, decisions and choices. How can you teach your children how to be a green living family, value themselves, and every living thing? This is where it all begins. Self-value engenders “other-value,” and they connect in the middle. Values, understanding, compassion, self-love, patience, acceptance, integrity and... Read More

Sustainable Living: Family Activities that Engage Kids in Sustainability

Our kids are thirsty for opportunities to help, learn and play at the job of living a healthy, efficiently sustainable life. From watering plants and measuring their growth to exploring where natural life is unfolding in the backstreets and alleys of your neighborhoods, kids have an insatiable curiosity and willingness to learn. Regardless if you’re... Read More

Green Living: Sustainable Summer Projects for Kids

Shop your local farmers’ market Too many children these days don’t know where their food comes from. The closest these kids get to the origin of what they eat is plastic wrapped carrots. Many cities and towns host green living farmer’s markets where children can actually talk to the people who grow food. In California... Read More

Green Living: How Can Families Give Back to Earth and Society?

Families throughout the globe are doing their part to live greener, more sustainable lives. In an instant-gratification society where stress is the norm, however, healthy living can be easier said than done. Many people don’t realize that living green doesn’t have to be a challenge, nor does giving back to the earth and to the... Read More

Green Activities For Kids: Educational Eco-Friendly Projects For Kids This Summer

Preparing our kids for the environmental changes that are looming and rapidly advancing is no longer a guessing game. Hard facts are showing us just how necessary it is to teach green activities for kids, what to do and how to cope with our quickly changing ecosystems. What better way to raise our children to... Read More

Healthy Living: Teaching Kids to Use Electronics Consciously and Safely

Maintaining a child’s healthy living atmosphere requires a non-processed food diet, plenty of outdoor exercise and now teaching them to use electronics consciously and safely. It may feel like an uphill battle but staying on top of your child’s digital world is essential. It could mean the difference between letting them retreat into unknown territory,... Read More

Christmas Green Living The Dream

Christmas is a special time of the year for green living, making conscious choices about how we impact our environment. It’s a time to implement green living practices and sustainable things to do: Recycle All Paper Goods Use a Tree That Doesn’t Harm Living Trees Recycle Ornaments Keep Thermostat on 70 degrees Recycle Water, Use... Read More

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