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How Do Sustainable Architecture and Design Solve Society’s Problems in 2017?

Sustainable design is the principle of creating a man-made environment that fulfills the values of social, economic, and eco-friendly sustainability. Ideally, sustainable design completely eliminates negative environmental impacts.   Here are a handful of society’s problems that can be addressed by sustainable design: Now that most of the world’s population lives in urban areas, feeding... Read More

What are 7 Tips for a Green Patio and Landscape Design?

For those of you who look to enjoy the green outdoors without leaving their own property, building a patio can be the perfect solution. There are a great deal of factors that comprise a green outdoor design: How to best embrace green, sustainable practices. Despite the harmful chemicals and unsustainable materials often utilized in green... Read More

How Will Sustainable Goals Drive Home Design in the New Decade?

  There’s no getting around the fact that sustainable design is on the forefront of people’s’ minds, especially when it comes to construction. The ways homes and commercial buildings are built are different from those of the past, especially when you consider materials and their impact on the environment. The choices you make have a... Read More

What Basic Steps Create Durable Refurbished Home Decor?

Refurbishing old materials to use as new again is one of the most effective routes toward implementing green living practices. It’s also a fun process, and something  you can do with the whole family. There are a number of basic steps to start to create durable refurbished home decor, all of which can lead to... Read More

Do You Know How to Green Your Kitchen?

Let Heal Estate show you how to create a green and eco-friendly kitchen, using the most efficient products at the best prices! Heal Estate guides you to products and services you can trust, who are certified green and give you value and efficiency all at one time! With so many choices on the market, it... Read More

Innovative Patio and Outdoors: Use Compost, Save Soil

If you live in a city where the local government provides a compost bin, then kudos to you. You have an advantage on green outdoor living and healing the planet from environmental destruction. For those of us in most cities and suburbs, we don’t get a tiny plastic bin to store on our countertop to... Read More

How Permeable Surfaces, Irrigation and Drainage Systems Save Water- EcoLiving

When it comes to outdoor patio design, there are countless ways to create an eco-friendly space. Landscaping and patio design allow homeowners to flex their creative muscles and create an entirely new environment in which to relax and recharge. For those who participate in going green and eco living, there are plenty of ways to... Read More

Clean Living: Keep Your Home Allergy Free: Clean Air in Your Home

You know about the environmental smog of pollution from planes, trains, automobiles and factories. But did you know that the air inside isn’t sparkling clean either, making clean living at home more challenging? Indoor air can be filled with molds and moisture, not to mention radon, asbestos and many other toxic chemicals. These pollutants can... Read More

Sustainable Living: How Do You Create a Green Patio Outdoors?

Building a patio can be one of the best ways to get the most out of your home during the summer months of the year. Many homeowners simply don’t know where to start, however, as there are a number of different approaches to patio design and construction. For those who have taken an interest in... Read More

Green Home Design: Sustainable Bathroom Systems

For many people, a bathroom is a haven. Designing bathrooms that offer features of a resort hotel in a private home has become a sought-after design effort. Yet the bathroom is a major source of energy, water, and paper waste in any home. When it comes to green home design, it’s easy to create sustainable... Read More

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