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Healthy Food Plans

  Just as eco-conscious people adopt lifestyle habits to keep the earth healthy and sustainable, it’s important to keep those same goals in mind for the health of our own bodies. One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to get in shape, save time and money, are to create a healthy food meal prep.To do... Read More

What are the Effects of Cannabis on Your Health and the Economy?

    “The effects of cannabis on the economy are hitting new highs, and are expected to keep growing for years. Thanks to stronger public support and new legalization laws, the billion-dollar cannabis market is soon set to quadruple.” “The strong growth in demand for legal cannabis over the past two years is expected to... Read More

How Your Gut Governs Your Whole Body

Have you heard of the new gut catchword, the microbiome? The word microbiome is defined as “the collection of microbes or microorganisms that inhabit an environment, creating a sort of mini-ecosystem”. Our human microbiome is made up of communities of symbiotic, commensal (relationship between two organisms) and pathogenic bacteria, along with fungi and viruses, all... Read More

Kimberly Palm: Author, Motivational Speaker, Health Coach, Body/Mind/Spirit

Kimberly Palm is an internationally renowed health coach, stress reduction expert, author and motivational speaker. She is a certified Body & Mind LLC, and teaches meditation and mindfulness. Her thought-provoking, informative and unique book, “Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth,” is available in bookstores all over the world, including Amazon. In addition, she created... Read More

Air Pollution: How To Keep Indoor Air Quality Clean

Imagine being in a situation where you’re hypersensitive to everything in the air around you: the slightest trace of chemical or detergent could make you hyperventilate or burst out in an uncontrollable cough or hives. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a real disorder that makes those afflicted have an allergic-like reaction to the many pollutants that... Read More

Healthy Living Detoxification Recipes

These specific foods, herbs and spices are particularly effective for cleansing the body and healthy living. They create delicious, cleansing and nutritious drinks and smoothies: Dandelion and beets clean liver Greens clean and nourish cells Lemons, apples, and ginger clean body Cranberries clean bladder Cucumbers and celery are natural diuretics Moringa is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant... Read More

Healthy Living Tips: Natural Home Remedies for Colds and Flu

Cold and flu season is here, and many people, particularly children and the elderly, are affected. Western Medical Doctors want to prescribe antibiotics, cold medicines, cough remedies and aspirin. And admittedly, they are useful—sometimes. I prefer to offer you healthy living tips. As a Holistic Practitioner, I have “magic” formulas, healthy living tips, for curing... Read More

Eco-Friendly Sunscreen that Protects and Supports the Eco-System

Although there is some debate, it’s almost universally agreed that people should wear sunscreen to protect against the harmful rays of the sun that can cause wrinkles, leathery tans and skin cancer. But did you know that while you’re protecting yourself, you could be harming the ecosystem, including coral reefs and the animals that call... Read More

Sustainable Hotels: Amazing Hotels That Consider Health The #1 Priority

What is a “sustainable hotel?” A sustainable hotel is a hotel that consciously uses and reuses resources such as water, energy, recycling, re-using, re-purposing all of the products and services that provide the maintenance and comfort of your vacation experience. For example, a sustainable hotel may use cotton cloth napkins, which is sustainable material, eco-friendly... Read More

Healthy Living: Preventative Health – What Do You Do To Stay Healthy?

What do you do to stay healthy? Do you have a nutritious, healthy living daily routine? Or do you eat what you want, when you want and throw caution to the wind? Either way, there are always things you can do to be healthier, even if you love junk food. Healthy Living Healthy living has... Read More

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