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Why Do Target’s New Business Practices Appeal to Millennials?

For many years, Target stores have had a reputation for being the go-to one-stop shop for minivan driving suburban moms. But Target has renovated its stores and introduced green businesses that appeal to Millennials, which have helped Target reach a new audience. Target’s move toward green business practices is something of a natural extension of... Read More

How is Technology for Plastic-Free Oceans a Good Investment?

As the planet suffers its share of human bombardment, great research and design teams are hard at work finding ways to clean up our mess, while making it a lucrative investment at the same time. One place that is getting investors’ attention from the green business sector is ocean cleanup. Each year, ocean plastic kills... Read More

How Do Millennials Drive Business Toward Green Brands? What Millennials Demand

There’s no getting around the fact that the number of sustainable brands in the United States and globally are on the rise. While countless factors have initiated the rise and necessity of green business, one of the biggest influences has been that of Millennials. Today, Millennials account for a large population of shoppers and household... Read More

7 Ways That Sustainable Business Serves the Greater Good

A sustainable business is an organization or company that conducts its business activities with minimal negative impact on the global or local environment through the application of the principles of sustainability to its business operations.   In this 21st century, it’s imperative that sustainable businesses remain ecologically avant-garde so that the earth is not compromised... Read More

Green Earth Travel is Leading in the Nation’s Eco Travel Movement

  Founded in 1997 as the nation’s premier vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency, Green Earth Travel, LLC, which provides green vacation experiences, remains on the forefront of  conscious destinations which offer a wide-range of travel options for travelers who care about the planet. Today Green Earth Travel, LLC and travel expert, Donna Zeigfinger, company President/owner, focus on... Read More

Air Purification Incorporated is Changing the Way our Workers Breathe

The largest in the U.S. Air Purification Incorporated was founded in 1985 to provide clean air to industries in the Southeastern United States. They’ve grown into the largest supplier of air pollution control equipment and filters in the U.S., with headquarters in Raleigh, NC and regional offices in Cincinnati, OH, Knoxville, TN, Charlottesville, VA, and... Read More

Your Guide to Buying Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

If you’re a business owner, work from home, or simply have office space somewhere, there are many ways to purchase green office supplies, save money and resources and above all, generate less waste in the environment. And yes, I am also talking about reducing your carbon footprint. By making these efforts, your eco-credentials become a... Read More

6 Companies That Have Energy-Storage Technologies: Less Carbon Output

The world has come to the realization that using antiquated energy technology is considered both a dinosaur and a polluter. This kind of eco-energy devaluation inevitably impacts the bottom line, which  creates the necessity to use more contemporary energy technology.   With energy storage solutions becoming an integral part of our power grid and green... Read More

Clean Living: How are Cosmetic Companies Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in Their Practices? 6 Steps They’re Taking

Traditionally, most cosmetic companies do not have the best clean living image. “Beauty comes at a price”, goes the old saying, and it’s something that certain companies seem to take seriously. They receive criticism for unethical and non-environmentally friendly business practices including animal testing, unsustainable sourcing, and chemical pollution. Pressure from consumers and conscientious retailers... Read More

Sustainable Business: Heal Estate’s Purpose-Driven Mandate Aligns with Sustainable Development

Heal Estate, you may ask? What is it? Heal Estate is a purpose-driven online sustainable business whose mandate is giving back to the global community. We connect people all over the world to sustainable products and services they can trust, and impart valuable content information about green lifestyle innovation and current trends. Heal Estate is... Read More

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