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How Do Zero-Waste Grocery Stores Practice Sustainability?

As many cities in the United States pass bills to ban the plastic bag from stores, many green living European cities embrace the idea of a market your great grandparents would find familiar. Imagine a grocery store in which food is not hidden behind a colorful cartoon character on cardboard, a grocery store that allows you,... Read More

How Do Our Food Choices Affect Our Carbon Footprint?

Nearly everything we do –  even breathing, emits greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Another essential – eating – hopefully healthy food, plays an integral role in increasing our carbon footprints. The USDA determined that the United States’ food and beverage production is responsible for 13.6% of fossil fuel emissions.   “According to a study on... Read More

Healthy Food Plans

  Just as eco-conscious people adopt lifestyle habits to keep the earth healthy and sustainable, it’s important to keep those same goals in mind for the health of our own bodies. One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to get in shape, save time and money, are to create a healthy food meal prep.To do... Read More

Healthy Food: Quinoa Ginger Burgers

Quinoa is the new rice. It is a healthy food, flavorful, high in protein, non-allergenic/gluten-free, and has vitamins and minerals. It’s easy to prepare – like rice, kids like it, and it’s inexpensive to buy. There are many kinds of grains that are gluten-free and healthy. These grain, such Teff, appear on the marketplace from... Read More

What Steps Must the U.S. Take to Reduce Food Waste?- The European Model

According to a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) study, 40% of food in America goes uneaten. The behind the scenes practices of healthy food disposal rarely have anything to do with human safety, but rather, human aesthetic concern. In other words, more healthy food is thrown away because it doesn’t look good, not because it’s... Read More

Would You Like to Grow Your Own Food & Herbs?

Heal Estate guides you how to grow food either in your backyard or your apartment. There are many tips on the most effective and least expensive ways to provide for your family on a limited budget. We know the best resources at low cost, and can tell you how to keep your family healthy and... Read More

Recipes for Inflammation: Natural Health

These natural health recipes are for everyone, unless, of course, you have an allergy to any one of the ingredients. Then you would want to substitute an ingredient that you know you are not allergic to. These recipes are especially good for inflammatory conditions, which include all illnesses and autoimmune disorders, and cancer. The food... Read More

Healthy Living: Vegan Delicious

These healthy living recipes are great for everyone, except if you know you have an allergy to an ingredient. If you do, simply substitute one for another and you can still enjoy the modified dish along with healthy living. These recipes are healthy, especially when you buy organic ingredients, which I recommend. They are all... Read More

Healthy Living Detoxification Recipes

These specific foods, herbs and spices are particularly effective for cleansing the body and healthy living. They create delicious, cleansing and nutritious drinks and smoothies: Dandelion and beets clean liver Greens clean and nourish cells Lemons, apples, and ginger clean body Cranberries clean bladder Cucumbers and celery are natural diuretics Moringa is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant... Read More

Healthy Living: Where Does Your Food Come From – Farm to Table Food

If you’re interested in healthy living, you’ve probably heard the term “farm to table,” everywhere from the grocery store to your favorite restaurant. Despite the buzzword, there is actually a wealth of meaning lurking there, although it has no official definition. Most importantly, farm to table food indicates that you know exactly where your food... Read More

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