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How Will the Fashion Industry Enhance Sustainability in 2017?

The sustainable fashion industry is responsible for some big issues when it comes to authentic green production. Garment factories release unprecedented amounts of air pollution, waste products, and carbon emissions into the environment. They are major users of pesticides (especially on cotton), which leads to other toxic chemical residues that are easily detected on our... Read More

DIY Skin Care: How To Create Skin Care Products Yourself

From the plastic containers that end up in landfills to the toxic chemicals within, many commercially available skin care products damage the environment. By creating your own eco-skin care products you can eliminate some of the waste of packaging by reusing bottles and containers. An additional benefit of making your own eco-skin care products is... Read More

Sustainable Fashion for Men: 6 Companies that Care About The Earth- Eco Fashion

If the main reason so many companies compromise our land, water and air is the bottom line due to draining natural resources, rather than pay for what we don’t want, we should pay for what we do want. One place you can start is in what choices you make to you cover your birthday suit.... Read More

What Materials Lead the Movement Towards Eco Conscious Fashion?

Eco-fashion, or sustainable fashion, is a form of fashion that is in tune with sustainable, earth-friendly business practices. Unlike fast-fashion, eco-fashion consciously promotes the wellbeing of workers who are well paid and supports the ecologically responsible extraction of resources. Companies who lead the movement towards eco-fashion are those who willing to evolve their brands to... Read More

How to Recycle Beauty Product Containers: Reduce Waste- Eco Living

The key to eco living is to reduce your waste as much as possible. This tends to be easier said than done, especially if you’re a beauty product lover that has amassed a collection of containers over the years. Although it can be tempting to buy each new product that hits the market, or experiment... Read More

Moo Shoes – Feet First

How MooShoes Are Changing the World, One Step at a Time… As our awareness of conscious living expands, everything about our lives comes into new focus.  The decision to live green may start with more healthful veggies, fruits and grains on our dinner plate. But what do we wear on our feet? There was a... Read More

Clean Living: How are Cosmetic Companies Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in Their Practices? 6 Steps They’re Taking

Traditionally, most cosmetic companies do not have the best clean living image. “Beauty comes at a price”, goes the old saying, and it’s something that certain companies seem to take seriously. They receive criticism for unethical and non-environmentally friendly business practices including animal testing, unsustainable sourcing, and chemical pollution. Pressure from consumers and conscientious retailers... Read More

Sustainable Living: Making Leather From Pineapple Waste: Is This for Real?

As a limited resource from animals, leather consumption accounts for a lot of water, toxicity and land use, among other practices unsuited for sustainable living. Yet as demand for leather continues, despite the issues, consumers look to find materials for leather, other than cowhide. Until recently, the primary source for vegan leather was PVC, which... Read More

Clean Living: What is the Criteria for Ethical Fashion and Which Companies are Taking the Steps?

Ethical fashion has been parting ways with what many have come to know as “fast fashion,” or clothing produced cheaply and quickly at the expense of workers, consumer health and a clean living environment. Gone are the days of toxic flame retardant children’s pajamas! The clean living evolution within the garment industry really escalated as... Read More

Healthy Living: How Do You Know if Makeup Products are Safe and Clean?

When it comes to makeup, skincare, nail polish and other cosmetics, what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. Just as you read labels on food before you buy it, start noticing other labels as well, especially those that are designed for the skin. The Environmental Working Group’s... Read More

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