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Green Living: Green Travel – Cruises that are Green-Conscious

For the green living traveler, cruises seem to be the perfect way to get back to nature. Passengers venture not far above the ocean, in the tangy sea air, soaking up sun and fun in a relaxing, carefree environment. Prying off the cruise industry’s façade shows many concerns for the green traveler.  Royal Caribbean has... Read More

Environmental Series: Part One: Allergic – or Toxic?

Sneezing. Headaches. Fatigue. Irritability. Joint pain. Brain “fog”. These could be allergy symptoms. But that’s often not the whole story. Your body may be overloaded with environmental toxins. By my mid-30s I was a physical wreck, even though I was supposedly doing everything right: eating organic food, exercising, not smoking, and aiming for eight hours’... Read More

Green Living: Salt Water Pool Vs. Chlorine: Dangers of Chlorine Pools: Why Salt Water Wins

The weather is heating up and it’s time to uncover the pool and hop in. But what are you really hopping into? Did you know that chlorine pools have hidden dangers that can be avoided by opting for a green living saltwater pool? Traditionally, chlorine is the main ingredient used to keep pools clean and... Read More

Clean Living: Why Finland Leads the World in Environmental Protection Standards How Can the United States Model Them?

It’s no secret that Finland is one of the most progressive countries in the world. What many people don’t know, however, is that the country has gone to great lengths over the years to enhance its clean living and environmental standards. Today, Finland leads the world in terms of environmental protection standards, with the United... Read More

Healthy Living: Is “Pidgeon Air Patrol” Effective for Measuring Air Pollution? 6 Steps to Pollution Solutions

When you see a pigeon in the street, your first impulse is probably to shoo it away. The omnipresent bird is usually regarded as a pest, something to be scorned. But several cities worldwide have begun to see pigeons less as a menace and more as a healthy living asset in the war to combat... Read More

Green Business: Circular Business: Reducing Waste in Office Space

One of the greatest values we can bring to our lives is the feeling that we have engaged in authentic green business practices and sustainability in every possible aspect of our lives. It gives us a sense of relief and meaning to know that we have taken actions that actually make a difference, and that... Read More

Sustainable Living: How Do Companies Source Sustainable Materials for Their Products

The importance of resourcing authentic sustainable materials for many companies is reflected on their websites. The public outcry on behalf of sustainability has driven big companies such as Ford Motor to dedicate its sustainable resourcing to in-depth descriptions of their sourcing process and sustainability standards. These website sources provide not only a resource for other... Read More

Sustainable Living: Sustainable Farming – What Steps to Take to Preserve the Environment?

Our agricultural industry has long been a victim of consumer and governmental demand. Industrialized practices have become more prevalent and methods such as genetically modified seeds (GMO) have followed suit. Food is now being produced to feed a growing, often entitled population more interested in purchasing a high carbon footprint mango in the middle of... Read More

Green Living: DIY Social Consciousness & World Impact

Consciousness and green living connote a certain awareness of people and things that are external to us. But necessity is the mother of invention and we live in a world where systems are failing us; we find ourselves in a race – a stampede to fix the mess we’ve made of our environment and before... Read More

Going Green: Urban Air Pollution Sources and Solutions

It’s not exactly news that cities and urban areas have air pollution problems that tend to exceed rural areas. What you may not know is the sources of air pollution, and how going green is a solution. Simply put, air pollution can be any harmful substance, including a gas, liquid or solid, that harms people... Read More

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