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20 Specific Steps to Take for Cleaner Air: Green Living & Global Impact

Some say the flutter of a butterfly’s wings has as much impact on the environment as the largest earthquake. If you want to influence the future of green living, follow these 20 specific steps to cleaner air because anything on a small scale affects the grand scheme of things. Bike It When you ride a... Read More

Sustainable Living: How Corporations are Creating Sustainable Water Systems and Taking Action to Reduce Waste

Free enterprise has spawned some horrific corporate environmental neglect but now, with more mainstream pressure on going green, change is in the air. Clean, available water is a major player in whether or not sustainable living can be achieved and at the rate it’s being squandered, there is major cause for concern. Fortunately, as a... Read More

Green Living: Systems That Turn Waste into Fuel: What is the Global Impact?

According to Dan Hoornweg et al. of the World Bank, by the year 2100 garbage, or solid waste, will triple its 2010 level. When anaerobic bacteria that live in landfills decompose organic waste, they produce biogas. Its major component is methane (CH4) a potent greenhouse gas that warms the planet 86 times more than carbon... Read More

Sustainable Living: How to Create Conscious Water Consumers: 6 Steps to Take

Sustainable living is all about taking conscious steps to minimize the impact of our purchases and actions. With water as earth’s most precious resource, it is important that we practice sustainable living and help to conserve it. Here are six steps that you can take to help conserve water as a consumer.       Use less water:... Read More

Healthy Living: Stay Healthy and Hydrated With Water Filters

With the onslaught of summer heat, we often find ourselves tipping a glass or taking a long draft from our bottle of water to keep hydrated. Healthy living water is a big topic with all the new science on health, planetary droughts, and other issues of significance on a quickly changing planet. But which water... Read More

Healthy Living: What are Grey Water Systems in Los Angeles? How Can They Positively Impact the Global Community?

Los Angeles, California has become an example of how NOT to use water in this drought traumatized state. The good news is that the awareness of the inefficiency of the current water delivery systems has motivated local LA residents to become responsible grey water re-users. As a major US city, Los Angeles may be leading... Read More

Air Pollution: How To Keep Indoor Air Quality Clean

Imagine being in a situation where you’re hypersensitive to everything in the air around you: the slightest trace of chemical or detergent could make you hyperventilate or burst out in an uncontrollable cough or hives. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a real disorder that makes those afflicted have an allergic-like reaction to the many pollutants that... Read More

Healthy Living: What is the Science behind Moss and Lichens Cleaning up Air Pollution?

Through photosynthesis, all plants clean the air of carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas which causes climate change, releasing oxygen in the process; but mosses and lichens can also be used as filters to clean air pollution caused by toxic trace elements including the heavy metals mercury, cadmium and lead. Because neither moss nor... Read More

Sustainable Business: Heal Estate’s Purpose-Driven Mandate Aligns with Sustainable Development

Heal Estate, you may ask? What is it? Heal Estate is a purpose-driven online sustainable business whose mandate is giving back to the global community. We connect people all over the world to sustainable products and services they can trust, and impart valuable content information about green lifestyle innovation and current trends. Heal Estate is... Read More

Sustainable Business: How Investors are Re-thinking Water Usage for Data Centers

Water is the next oil crisis and it goes way beyond being able to sustain comfortable conveniences. Instead, it means the difference between life and death. With 1% of the earth’s 70% water coverage being consumable, it doesn’t leave much wiggle room for waste. Sustainable business must take the lead. This pending crisis is being... Read More

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