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How Sustainable Tech Innovations Help the Global Economy

Energy and technology are a essential to sustainable development. According to the Australian Greenhouse Office, 80 percent of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels. Despite the surge in green technology over the past decade in the United States, the Institute for Energy Research puts the figure at 81 percent. The present system is unsustainable... Read More

How is Technology for Plastic-Free Oceans a Good Investment?

As the planet suffers its share of human bombardment, great research and design teams are hard at work finding ways to clean up our mess, while making it a lucrative investment at the same time. One place that is getting investors’ attention from the green business sector is ocean cleanup. Each year, ocean plastic kills... Read More

How Do Our Food Choices Affect Our Carbon Footprint?

Nearly everything we do –  even breathing, emits greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Another essential – eating – hopefully healthy food, plays an integral role in increasing our carbon footprints. The USDA determined that the United States’ food and beverage production is responsible for 13.6% of fossil fuel emissions.   “According to a study on... Read More

How do Global Eco-Villages Create a Net-Zero Impact on the Environment?

Swinging the energy pendulum back to the center shows future potential for a sustainable planet where global Eco-villages prove net-zero impact on the environment. This is green real estate that goes beyond luxurious conveniences which creates low carbon footprint applications.   Net zero impact shows the true possibilities of how using modern Eco-friendly technology, textiles... Read More

What Steps Must the U.S. Take to Reduce Food Waste?- The European Model

According to a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) study, 40% of food in America goes uneaten. The behind the scenes practices of healthy food disposal rarely have anything to do with human safety, but rather, human aesthetic concern. In other words, more healthy food is thrown away because it doesn’t look good, not because it’s... Read More

How to Reduce Electro-Magnetic Field Radiation: Eco-Technology

Invisible to the human eye, electro-magnetic fields can be found everywhere in our environment. A couple of natural sources of this eco-technology are the buildup of electrical charges in the atmosphere caused by thunderstorms as well as the earth’s magnetic field, which aligns a compass needle to magnetic north. Human causes include low frequency electro-magnetic... Read More

How Do Green Water Systems Support Job Creation? -Green Water Systems

Although the earth’s surface is two thirds water, more than 97 percent is saline. Most of the rest is tied up in glaciers or ice shelves, which contributes to our diminished freshwater drinking supply. In addition to climate change, the U.S. is now dealing with major regional droughts which, in 2016, afflicted New England, the... Read More

How to Preserve Wildlife On Your Travel Destination: Eco-Travel

Unintended consequences can be heart-wrenching, especially regarding wildlife in endangered, pristine locations. Many world travelers who seek out these eco-travel destinations have witnessed what happens when tourists invade these beautiful natural habitats. Within a few years they become over-populated, over-developed, and bereft of the natural beauty that created the attraction. As responsible global citizens, our... Read More

How Permeable Surfaces, Irrigation and Drainage Systems Save Water- EcoLiving

When it comes to outdoor patio design, there are countless ways to create an eco-friendly space. Landscaping and patio design allow homeowners to flex their creative muscles and create an entirely new environment in which to relax and recharge. For those who participate in going green and eco living, there are plenty of ways to... Read More

Clean Living: What are the Pro’s and Con’s of the Biofuel Industry and the Global Impact?

For those who are interested in making an impact on the environment and embracing clean living, one of the most effective starting points can be found in the types of fuel we utilize. Biofuel in particular has gotten a lot of press in recent years as being a viable eco-friendly alternative to energy sources such... Read More

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