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Why Do Target’s New Business Practices Appeal to Millennials?

For many years, Target stores have had a reputation for being the go-to one-stop shop for minivan driving suburban moms. But Target has renovated its stores and introduced green businesses that appeal to Millennials, which have helped Target reach a new audience. Target’s move toward green business practices is something of a natural extension of... Read More

Your Guide to Buying Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

If you’re a business owner, work from home, or simply have office space somewhere, there are many ways to purchase green office supplies, save money and resources and above all, generate less waste in the environment. And yes, I am also talking about reducing your carbon footprint. By making these efforts, your eco-credentials become a... Read More

Sustainable Living: Conscious Kitchen-Ware

Creating a sustainable living space in your kitchen doesn’t have to be an impossible task: there are many small steps you can take, and some bigger ones, to convert your kitchen into an ecological marvel, and one that’s better for you, too. The materials we choose to use in the utensils and surfaces that come... Read More

Sustainable Living: Family Activities that Engage Kids in Sustainability

Our kids are thirsty for opportunities to help, learn and play at the job of living a healthy, efficiently sustainable life. From watering plants and measuring their growth to exploring where natural life is unfolding in the backstreets and alleys of your neighborhoods, kids have an insatiable curiosity and willingness to learn. Regardless if you’re... Read More

Moo Shoes – Feet First

How MooShoes Are Changing the World, One Step at a Time… As our awareness of conscious living expands, everything about our lives comes into new focus.  The decision to live green may start with more healthful veggies, fruits and grains on our dinner plate. But what do we wear on our feet? There was a... Read More

Clean Living: How are Cosmetic Companies Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in Their Practices? 6 Steps They’re Taking

Traditionally, most cosmetic companies do not have the best clean living image. “Beauty comes at a price”, goes the old saying, and it’s something that certain companies seem to take seriously. They receive criticism for unethical and non-environmentally friendly business practices including animal testing, unsustainable sourcing, and chemical pollution. Pressure from consumers and conscientious retailers... Read More

Sustainable Living: Making Leather From Pineapple Waste: Is This for Real?

As a limited resource from animals, leather consumption accounts for a lot of water, toxicity and land use, among other practices unsuited for sustainable living. Yet as demand for leather continues, despite the issues, consumers look to find materials for leather, other than cowhide. Until recently, the primary source for vegan leather was PVC, which... Read More

Can You Rid Pets of Fleas Naturally? All Natural Remedies

Even healthy pets can get fleas. Unfortunately, once your pet gets fleas you have a lot of work to do. Fleas can get into your home, invade your carpet and cause all sorts of issues. Flea bites are super itchy and the more your pet scratches, the more likely they are to get an infection... Read More

Healthy Living: How Do You Know if Makeup Products are Safe and Clean?

When it comes to makeup, skincare, nail polish and other cosmetics, what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. Just as you read labels on food before you buy it, start noticing other labels as well, especially those that are designed for the skin. The Environmental Working Group’s... Read More

Environmental Series: Part One: Allergic – or Toxic?

Sneezing. Headaches. Fatigue. Irritability. Joint pain. Brain “fog”. These could be allergy symptoms. But that’s often not the whole story. Your body may be overloaded with environmental toxins. By my mid-30s I was a physical wreck, even though I was supposedly doing everything right: eating organic food, exercising, not smoking, and aiming for eight hours’... Read More

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