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Healthy Living: What are Grey Water Systems in Los Angeles? How Can They Positively Impact the Global Community?

Los Angeles, California has become an example of how NOT to use water in this drought traumatized state. The good news is that the awareness of the inefficiency of the current water delivery systems has motivated local LA residents to become responsible grey water re-users. As a major US city, Los Angeles may be leading... Read More

Going Green: Urban Air Pollution Sources and Solutions

It’s not exactly news that cities and urban areas have air pollution problems that tend to exceed rural areas. What you may not know is the sources of air pollution, and how going green is a solution. Simply put, air pollution can be any harmful substance, including a gas, liquid or solid, that harms people... Read More

Green Living: Urban Planning in Sustainable Cities

Green living is an ethos that cannot be practiced in isolation, rather, it requires the efforts of an entire community, beginning with urban planners. If a city does not provide a green living way of life, the efforts of individual residents will be severely limited. Although they occupy just 2% of the earth’s surface, cities... Read More

Sustainable Living: Denmark Mandate of Sustainable Excellence

In Denmark, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries is working toward what has been deemed the ‘world’s most ambitious plan’ for organic food and sustainable living for the entire country. The new strategy involves increasing organic farming in order to serve more organic food in the nation’s public institutions, and step up the sustainable living quotient in... Read More

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Adrienne’s Clean Living Testimony, Part 3

In the mid-90’s, Adrienne began to seriously question the reality of her healthy lifestyle. She was conscious about the quality of her food and, she thought, her lifestyle. Something was missing, however, as evidenced by the pain and stiffness in her hands and feet. Adrienne’s ability to work as a hairstylist became more and more... Read More

Healthy Lifestyle: Adrienne’s Clean Living Testimony, Part 1

Adrienne Kessler, the CEO and founder of Heal Estate, comes by her passion and healthy lifestyle mandate honestly and intentionally. Her parents owned a prominent beauty salon on Long Island, New York, and from a very young age, Adrienne hung around the salon. She began working with her parents, Melanie and Leon, at age 12... Read More

NYC’s Freshkills Park Promises to Transform Trash into Treasure

Central Park is without a doubt New York City’s most famous park. Over 700 acres of green space take up prime real estate in the city, offering wildlife a chance to flourish in the urban environment, outdoor enthusiasts the ability to experience nature and city dwellers the chance to get some fun in the sun,... Read More

Errors of Emission

“We are stardust Billion-year-old carbon And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” ~ Joni Mitchell, lyrics to Woodstock In the classic, An Inconvenient Truth, Earth steward Al Gore laid out for us, cleanly and with humor, why the way we conduct our lives matters monumentally — and how we each have a... Read More

Modular Urban Greenhouses: Filter Polluntion

It’s a fact that urban farming is a great way to help cities become more self-sustaining, producing more and more of their own food locally. But how does significant industrial pollution impact food-producing plants grown within city limits? It’s obvious that eating foods grown in most city environments may be harmful, but designer Antonio Scarponi... Read More

Solar Panels and City Living

Living in the city and having solar panels has seemed impossible to many property owners, but this combination is becoming viable thanks to open-minded HOA boards and some serious advocating among those with intentions to live a green life. Property owners with homes in the suburbs, the hills, and the countryside have been able to... Read More

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