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Why Tankless Water Heaters Save Energy

You have the recycling system in your home down. You reuse whenever possible. But have you considered how to reduce? A big source of energy use in the home comes from your water heater, something that many people tend to overlook when it comes to reducing energy use. Then again, if you are looking to... Read More

Plastic Goes Fantastic: DIY Fuel From Plastic Bags

We all know that “disposable” plastic bags are bad for the environment. The good news is that we now know that they can be melted down, refined and used as fuel! The single-use, flimsy plastic grocery bag—the kind that we still find in the produce departments of major grocery stores—perhaps epitomize the urgency of what... Read More

Power to the Planet / Part 3: When Passive Is Positive

Being passive isn’t smart in business. It isn’t smart in relationships. But when it comes to creating a healthy, energy efficient home or office, passive is very, very smart. Passive House, that is. “Passive House” is a voluntary, ultra-low energy building standard that creates structures so efficient they don’t require typical heating or cooling systems.... Read More

Power to the Planet / Part 1: Dude, Where’s My Energy?

Are you exhausted, stressed, tethered to technology as if you’re part Borg? Welcome to the club. The energy crisis in our outer environment reflects our inner depletion: we scan news about climate change on our smartphones, sipping a pumpkin spice latte made with coffee beans from a rapidly vanishing rainforest, while stuck in traffic behind... Read More

The Best Window Treatments for Energy Savings

Going beyond privacy issues, sustainable living window treatments can be a very affordable alternative to installing full-out window replacements in order to get the best possible energy efficiency out of your windows, which are notorious energy leaks. From DIY to premade solutions, you definitely want to cover your windows when it comes to cutting costs... Read More

Heating Your Home, Radiantly

When you’re trying to warm up on a chilly morning, that initial shock of icy floorboards underfoot may make you think you’re dwelling above the Arctic Circle! Of course you can wear woolen hunting socks to bed—always a fetching look—but for a more enduring solution, consider under-floor heating, sometimes known as radiant heating. Most homes... Read More

Solar Panels and City Living

Living in the city and having solar panels has seemed impossible to many property owners, but this combination is becoming viable thanks to open-minded HOA boards and some serious advocating among those with intentions to live a green life. Property owners with homes in the suburbs, the hills, and the countryside have been able to... Read More

Alternative Energy Options and Ideas for Your First Home

Moving into your first home comes with major costs…and major considerations. From remembering to turn off the lights when you leave the room (now that you’re paying the energy bills, not your parents) to installing energy efficient bulbs and appliances, there are even bigger steps you can take to getting off the electricity grid. Like installing solar panels.... Read More

How Elon Musk is saving the world

The status quo is one of the greatest threats to the environment. Why do we still burn fossil fuels? Status quo. Why do we build energy-guzzling homes that make us sick? Because we’re intimidated by the unknown. Business as usual is responsible for a variety of ecological and social ills, including oil spills, pollution, plastic... Read More

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