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How Has the Clean Energy Surge Saved Money for Consumers?

  The current American government may be trying to put the fossil fuel genie back in the bottle, but too much clean energy technology is here to stay. This is attributed to a global social consciousness that is forging a wave of change for the future of the planet and your wallet.   The clean... Read More

In What Ways Will Solar Roadways Impact Energy Production?

Solar energy roadways look as if they stepped out of a science fiction movie. Rather than use asphalt, smart roadways employ specially designed tempered glass modular solar energy panels that fit together like very large 110 lb. bathroom tiles and can be walked, ridden and driven upon. Panels hold light-emitting diodes that can be used... Read More

6 Companies That Have Energy-Storage Technologies: Less Carbon Output

The world has come to the realization that using antiquated energy technology is considered both a dinosaur and a polluter. This kind of eco-energy devaluation inevitably impacts the bottom line, which  creates the necessity to use more contemporary energy technology.   With energy storage solutions becoming an integral part of our power grid and green... Read More

Solar Thermal Energy System: Creates Steam from Sunlight – Green Energy

Solar thermal green energy systems concentrate the rays of the sun onto a reservoir holding a fluid, heating it to a very high temperature. The fluid, often molten salt, then circulates through pipes to transfer its heat to water, creating steam. High-pressure steam is next driven at the blades of a turbine which spins a... Read More

Sustainable Living: How Corporations are Creating Sustainable Water Systems and Taking Action to Reduce Waste

Free enterprise has spawned some horrific corporate environmental neglect but now, with more mainstream pressure on going green, change is in the air. Clean, available water is a major player in whether or not sustainable living can be achieved and at the rate it’s being squandered, there is major cause for concern. Fortunately, as a... Read More

Green Energy: Turning Chocolate Ice Cream Into Green Energy

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we lived in a world where anything could be turned into green energy? Instead of relying on fossil fuel-generated energy, think how many problems we could solve by using the leftovers of simple household items to produce energy. This far-fetched sounding scenario is closer to being a reality than we... Read More

Sustainable Living: How Does Solar Power Save on Your Electric Bills?

It’s ironic that the great state of Texas has the potential to harness more solar energy from the sun in one month than all the oil ever pumped out of its land. When it comes to sustainable living, you can save on your electric bills by installing a solar array. The more people realize they... Read More

Sustainable Cars: Discover 2016’s Cleanest Coolest Drives for Any Lifestyle

Today consumers have several practical choices when it comes to driving sustainable cars including those that are fully electric (EVs), plug-in hybrids, or hybrids. There are many advantages to driving a green, sustainable car, not only the most obvious ones, getting better fuel economy and helping the environment, but in some states being allowed to... Read More

Green Living: Sustainable Practices and Alternative Energy

Whether it’s the air we breathe, the foods we eat or our environment, green living also known as sustainable living, means different things to different people. Some common buzz words are eco-friendly, being green, clean living, etc.  But if you’re like me, overloaded and bombarded with information on a daily basis, the essence of the... Read More

What Is Sustainable Living: 10 Things You Need To Know

What is sustainable living? Conscious living with mindful action is the key to sustainable living . Putting fourth sustainable action and energy will manifest conservation in all facets of our modern lives if we are open to making the effort. Asking Ourselves, “What is sustainable living,” is not always as easy as the “three magic... Read More

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