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Can You Rid Pets of Fleas Naturally? All Natural Remedies

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Even healthy pets can get fleas. Unfortunately, once your pet gets fleas you have a lot of work to do. Fleas can get into your home, invade your carpet and cause all sorts of issues. Flea bites are super itchy and the more your pet scratches, the more likely they are to get an infection from the open sores they create. While flea medications have become easier to use, they aren’t without side effects. Wearing a flea collar ensures that your healthy pets won’t get fleas, but the chemicals in the collar can cause skin irritations and other health problems. Also, it’s not recommended to use flea medications and treatments around small children, so if it’s not safe for kids, how could it be safe for small animals? Rather than turning to toxic chemicals, try ways to rid pets of fleas naturally with these easy remedies.

Prevent Fleas from Getting to Your Healthy Pets


  • Natural flea collars


Instead of using a traditional flea collar, buy a basic cotton or cloth collar for your cat or dog. Then soak it in a mixture of unflavored vodka and select essential oils. Resoak the collar in the mixture on a weekly basis to maintain its flea-repelling properties. Depending on whether your four-legged furball is a cat or dog and has allergies, you’ll need to experiment with different ratios and recipes of the concoction to make sure your healthy pets are protected from fleas.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar – the raw, organic, unfiltered kind, can be used as a spray-on flea repellent for both cats and dogs. Dogs usually don’t mind being a sprayed with a mixture of half water and half ACV, but if your cat objects, try applying it with a flea comb instead. You can also add some ACV to your pet’s drinking water to protect them from the inside out, but check with their vet to make sure you don’t risk them becoming overly acidic. Healthy pets are usually fine with adding ACV to their water. It doesn’t smell great, but let your pets outside to play until the scent subsides.


  • Brewer’s yeast


Add half a teaspoon of Brewer’s yeast to meals for smaller dogs and cats and make it a full teaspoon for every 30 pounds your dog weighs. Brewer’s yeast can boost your pet’s health, and healthy pets may be less likely to be affected by fleas.


  • Flea dips and sprays


Pour hot water over rosemary and let it cool off to a comfortable temperature to create a natural flea dip for your pets. You can do the same with a lemon and spray the lemon water behind the ears, around the base of the tail and on the underside of the legs, avoiding the eyes. Rubbing a citrus fruit in these areas also has benefits, but don’t use citrus essential oils because it can be harmful to our furry friends—even the oil in the rind is harmful if they lick their fur and ingest it, but a little juice is safe for healthy pets.

Stop Fleas from Entering Your Home

Nematodes are parasites that won’t harm your pets, but will stop fleas from infesting your healthy pets and home. Available at garden centers, nematodes can be placed in the soil in your yard to stop fleas. They need a moist environment, so mix with water and spray your soil, making sure to keep your soil moist to help them thrive. Nematodes reportedly like some soil compositions better than others, so they may not be beneficial in all cases. Ladybugs are also natural flea predators and a welcome addition to your landscape and sustainable garden.

When Healthy Pets Get Fleas

It’s important to know that unlike chemical remedies, natural remedies take repeated treatments to remain effective. Relying on preventative action can help you maintain the wellbeing of your healthy pets and avoid using harmful chemicals that have side effects for pets and your family. Flea medicine can cause neurological and other health problems, including cancer. Pets may live longer, healthier lives with natural remedies all around, and you’ll be happier in the long run.

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