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Building a Green Home: Beautiful Bathrooms

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The key to designing and building the most beautiful bathroom is making sure all the facets of sustainable, green and gorgeous are in place. This guide will assist you in making certain that the word “beautiful” includes qualities such as cost- effective, local and chemical-free. Creating a beautiful bathroom is only one aspect of building a green home.

Design is everything when it comes time to building a green home, even  choosing a low-flow toilet that will perfectly match your sinks or tile. Mirrors and other trim necessities should be as locally sourced as possible. Because your bathroom is a major hotspot for water excess and paper waste,  here are some tips for designing and keeping your bathroom energy-efficient, chemical-free and water-responsible.

Internal Design Structure Of A Truly Green Bathroom

  • Low-Flow Toilets
  • Low-Flow Shower heads
  • Motion Sensor Faucets
  • LED Light Bulbs
  • Energy-efficient Vent Fans
  • Locally Sourced Materials such as tiles or granite slabs


We know that 27 percent of all household water use happens in the bathroom. This daily use consistently exceeds that of washing machines, showers or dishwashers. While the older toilets will use up to seven gallons of water per flush – this can be reduced by placing a large plastic 2 liter soda bottle filled with water, some sand and a few rocks into the tank to help displace this waste. Low-flow toilets use under two gallons per flush.

Shower Heads

Aside from timing your short showers to five minutes or less, installing a low-flow shower head will drop your water use down from around five to eight gallons per shower to below three gallons. Low-flow shower heads can also reduce the amount of energy used to heat your water. This inexpensive installation will save hundreds of dollars in both energy and water bills per year. This is a part of the process when you are building a green home, or even renovating.

Be sure to do the research on your water filters, and become fully aware of what chemicals may be in your water already. Quality low-flow shower heads always provide high quality water pressure, and they can beautiful and effective at the same time.

Why Motion Sensor Faucets?

Motion sensors expertly track when water needs to flow. Motion sensor faucets help keep your bathrooms cleaner by reducing the amounts of residue and collected dirt that gathers around the handles, as well as reducing re-contamination risks with bacteria and other germs.

LED Bulbs

Heat and high quality color producing LED light bulbs have been pushing the edges of technological advancement for the last ten years. Consuming eighty percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, they will also last twenty-five times longer. Energy savings have been quoted at about $160 in annual energy savings per bulb.

Security and Satisfaction

Once your green bathroom has been detailed with these necessities, your lowered carbon footprint will only be one small part of your reward. You’ll be saving water and energy, while allowing yourself to create beauty where you choose, with hardware, area rugs, glasses and accessories that are practical and sustainably made, using natural products.

Beauty and Efficiency

When building a green home or simply renovating your bathroom, it’s important to consider esthetics while you save on bills. You get to choose color schemes, using eco-friendly  paints like Benjamin Moore or Dunn Edwards, and more. It’s just as easy to buy recycled tiles, or countertops, as it is to buy new ones, and much less expensive. Shower hangers can be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond that are made with sustainable materials like steel or natural wood. Plants are are great way to bring beauty and oxygen into your bathroom design, as are area rugs that use recycled material or are even made of hemp or bamboo.

These are simple and inexpensive ways to enhance your bathroom environment, and all it takes is a little research, knowledge and creativity to make it comfortable and attractive.

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