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All Natural Pet: All Natural Vet for your Eco Pet

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If your pet is sick, there are lots of all-natural ways to bring them back to optimal health. For one, try seeking an eco-friendly veterinary. These establishments tend to use more holistic, all-natural forms of medicine to heal pets.

Holistic forms of medicine have shown amazing benefits on humans, and results are no different for pets. Homeopathic remedies work to heal the body naturally without using suppressive drugs. These remedies are implemented over a period of time depending on the severity of their condition. The purpose of holistic practices is to bring wellness to the body of your pet gradually, working with the pet’s body rather than using synthetic drugs to rush healing. Holistic health is a more natural remedy that is gentle and aims to help your pet live a long and healthy life without imbalance and discomfort. These remedies aim to treat the root of the problem, instead of its symptoms. Typically, these all natural pet remedies result in a higher energy level, silkier coat, and overall calmness with less side effects than traditional medicine.

Since animals are unable to verbally communicate, a holistic approach is a way to offer a natural, ethical form of healing. Dr. Goldstein, an expert in homeopathy in animal care explains,“We are not the true healers of our pets–they are…holistic medicine enables our pets to regain and maintain their own well-being.”

Repeated, unnecessary vaccines, drug use, and inadequate nutrition can weaken the immune system of your pet, so finding a veterinarian who offers natural healing is essential for optimal health.

Another type of veterinarian to look for is one that offers acupuncture for your all natural pet care. Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that uses thin needles to target specific parts of the body to influence health and healing. This method works to heal the immune system, organ function, and offer pain relief. Natural vets explain that Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical practitioners use acupuncture for a variety of behavioral disorders as well, such as depression, anxiety, anger, and fear. Most cats and dogs accept the acupuncture treatment because pain is minimal and results are comforting.

When searching for all natural pet care, these veterinarians take an alternative approach to offer eco-friendly services. They are often in facilities that are aware of the sensitivity of cleaning sprays, utilize low-flow faucets, or use recycled materials in their building. Picking an eco-friendly vet is a simple choice to take to support eco-establishments and let them know that you appreciate their efforts and that their work is important to you.

In addition to holistic and natural healing, inquire with your veterinarian about the use of organic flea shampoos that are gentle and safe for your all natural pet needs. Get the advice from a pet professional on how you can alter your pet’s home environment to be the most toxin-free space as possible to ensure a higher likelihood of continued health. It’s also important to ask your veterinarian about spaying or neutering your pet.

The ASPCA estimates that there are over 70 million feral stray cats which lead to overpopulation, shifting ecosystems and causing other animals to struggle to survive with these invasive, often toxic animals. Making a responsible choice to make sure your all natural pet doesn’t have a surprise pregnancy is another way to control populations, save resources, and be a conscious pet owner.

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