Air Purification Incorporated is Changing the Way our Workers Breathe

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Air Purification Incorporated is Changing the Way our Workers Breathe

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The largest in the U.S.

Air Purification Incorporated was founded in 1985 to provide clean air to industries in the Southeastern United States. They’ve grown into the largest supplier of air pollution control equipment and filters in the U.S., with headquarters in Raleigh, NC and regional offices in Cincinnati, OH, Knoxville, TN, Charlottesville, VA, and Valdosta, GA.

Over 200 years of combined experience

With years of engineering and design experience in the clean air and dust collecting industry, the Air Purification team brings you full assurance that your systems are in compliance with regulatory standards and appropriate for each application.

Not locked into a single manufacturer

They are aligned with the country’s premier industrial clean air filtration manufacturers and work with them directly to supply the best possible air filtration products at very competitive prices.

Provide ongoing support and service

They supply filters and service for every type, model and brand of air cleaning system, delivered on an on-call basis or on a routine service schedule. Air Purification Inc. provides superior service and quick response which have earned them the privilege of serving large and small businesses, research facilities, hospitals and manufacturing plants for three decades and counting.


Purified air inside and outside the home is one of the most important aspects of our society, both in contributing to air quality and the health of the family. Clear air systems are vital to healthy living and a healthy planet. Air Purification Inc. provides both safe and effective clean air systems which benefit the home and environment.

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