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How is Technology for Plastic-Free Oceans a Good Investment?

As the planet suffers its share of human bombardment, great research and design teams are hard at work finding ways to clean up our mess, while making it a lucrative investment at the same time. One place that is getting investors’ attention from the green business sector is ocean cleanup. Each year, ocean plastic kills... Read More

How Has the Clean Energy Surge Saved Money for Consumers?

  The current American government may be trying to put the fossil fuel genie back in the bottle, but too much clean energy technology is here to stay. This is attributed to a global social consciousness that is forging a wave of change for the future of the planet and your wallet.   The clean... Read More

How do Global Eco-Villages Create a Net-Zero Impact on the Environment?

Swinging the energy pendulum back to the center shows future potential for a sustainable planet where global Eco-villages prove net-zero impact on the environment. This is green real estate that goes beyond luxurious conveniences which creates low carbon footprint applications.   Net zero impact shows the true possibilities of how using modern Eco-friendly technology, textiles... Read More

What Steps Must the U.S. Take to Reduce Food Waste?- The European Model

According to a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) study, 40% of food in America goes uneaten. The behind the scenes practices of healthy food disposal rarely have anything to do with human safety, but rather, human aesthetic concern. In other words, more healthy food is thrown away because it doesn’t look good, not because it’s... Read More

How to Adapt Landscape Design to Climate Change- Green Landscape Design

With so much unpredictable weather on a global scale, it is becoming the “new normal” to adapt to climate change. This can be particularly challenging when it comes to green landscape design, which is now compromised by things like heat island effect, droughts, CO2 fertilization, evapotranspiration, carbon sequestration, salt water intrusion, and ultraviolet radiation.  ... Read More

6 Companies That Have Energy-Storage Technologies: Less Carbon Output

The world has come to the realization that using antiquated energy technology is considered both a dinosaur and a polluter. This kind of eco-energy devaluation inevitably impacts the bottom line, which  creates the necessity to use more contemporary energy technology.   With energy storage solutions becoming an integral part of our power grid and green... Read More

Sustainable Fashion for Men: 6 Companies that Care About The Earth- Eco Fashion

If the main reason so many companies compromise our land, water and air is the bottom line due to draining natural resources, rather than pay for what we don’t want, we should pay for what we do want. One place you can start is in what choices you make to you cover your birthday suit.... Read More

What are the Benefits of Real Estate in Off-the-Grid Communities? -Sustainable Living

Many of us race through our lives with a variety of conveniences and demand immediate gratification without knowledge or regard for our environmental impact. Recycling, changing to eco-friendly lightbulbs, using your own shopping bags and other sustainable living practices are important for perpetuating the mission and purpose of green communities. A study presented by the... Read More

How Green Cleaning Products Create Excellent ROI (return on investment)- Green Cleaning

The amount of toxins stored under your bathroom and kitchen sink are mind boggling. According to the American Lung Association, volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) found in conventional cleaning products contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches, just to name a few. It is no wonder green cleaning products and every other green or... Read More

20 Specific Steps to Take for Cleaner Air: Green Living & Global Impact

Some say the flutter of a butterfly’s wings has as much impact on the environment as the largest earthquake. If you want to influence the future of green living, follow these 20 specific steps to cleaner air because anything on a small scale affects the grand scheme of things. Bike It When you ride a... Read More

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